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The need for sleep is equivalent to the importance for human needs for eating and breathing. Lack of sleep, if accustomed to, can cause a variety of adverse effects on our health. If it is so, what happens when we lack sleep? Sleep has an important role to play for the body and mind.  During sleep, the body improves itself.
It improves both physically and mentally, because of which we feel refreshed and energized when we wake up, and are geared up to go through the activities all through the day. In addition to this, sleep also helps the process of growth and development, especially in children and young people. It is because during sleep the growth hormone is released..
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Sleep is really important in a way that it lets our body rest after all the hard work it has done during the day. Just like a phone, sleep recharges our body so that we can gain the energy that we need for the next day. Aside from that, getting enough amount of sleep reduces the risk for getting chronic diseases and health problems. Your entire body gets the advantage from getting an eight hours of sleep, most especially your thinking and consciousness. Having an adequate amount of sleep or rest results to alertness, healthy mind and body. Also, sleep is one of the factors for the growth hormone to be increased naturally. Studies show that sleeping between 10 pm to 2 am increases the growth hormone response.
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Everybody requires sleep in order to function correctly. The lack of sleep can really affect how you think and function during the day. There are many problems associated with lack of sleep. 

  1. Heart attacks
  2. High blood pressure
  3. Headaches
  4. Dizziness
  5. Diabetes
  6. Strokes
  7. Lack of sleep impacts your memory
  8. You have a greater chance of having a car accident
  9. If you work with dangerous machines during the day, you risk the chance of getting hurt.
  10. Lack of sleep puts a strain on your relationships.
  11. You won't be alert during the day and this can cause you problems at work or in school. 
  12. Over time lack of sleep can cause your heart to stop.

It is important that people get enough sleep during the day or night. Many studies have been done on sleep disorders and people who just don't think it is necessary to sleep. The studies show that a person needs a good 6 to 8 hours of sleep each day. When you are younger your body needs more sleep. This is the same as you grow older too. 

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Sleep really matters and very vital for optimum health. During our sleeping time, normally at night, most of our organs are doing their job to keep our body healthy. Our liver will clean our body from toxins from the chemicals we get from food. Kidney will work as well and do you observe that it is kidney that always wakes you up when you need to flush out those toxins? Yes. Kidney will signals the brain to give you pain to wake you up and pee. Imagine if those organs will not flush away those toxins, we will get ill. Once we get ill, our cells will die. It could cause serious illness like cancer. Sleeping is the healthiest thing we can do for our body. It is something we can do for our body the easiest to keep us healthy. We should sleep for 6 to 8 hours and this variation of time should be followed by adults.
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Sleep is definitely important--not just for the body but also for the mind. Sleeping is as important as eating healthy and exercising. Regular, good quality sleep is important for brain functioning, emotional wellbeing, physical health, daytime performance, and personal safety. When you sleep important physical and mental processes are carried out.

Although not getting enough sleep is common, it poses serious impacts on one's health and wellbeing. Lack of sleep or sleep deprivation increases risk of new and advanced respiratory diseases. It also affects one's ability to think, to remember and to process information. Lack of sleep is also said to trigger anxiety and depression.

Experts say that to stay healthy, adults need seven to nine hours whereas children need nine to eleven, and even more.
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Sleep is very important to all humans and the funny thing is that we can't cheat nature. If one deprives self of sleep then the body is put in disarray and the whole  body suffers for having little or no sleep.

Lack of sleep causes sluggishness and dullness of the body.one can't function properly because of fatigue and of course physical activities suffers because we might not be able to do much in that state.

Lack of sleep can affect us mentally.The brain is overworked and might leave the brain in a total dull mood and one can't be mentally alert.

Sleep promote vigour, alertness, vitality, strength and calmness. It important to have a good sleep.to have the aforementioned benefits.
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Sleep is the body's way of repairing itself. Without it we would become very mentally unstable and physically ill. Experiments have shown that people who are sleep deprived become very disorientated and in severe cases cannot remember who they are. We all know how awful we feel after losing sleep over one or two nights and the body will eventually catch up and make us sleep. It is a necessity for human survival.

Babies and young children sleep far more than adults as it is necessary for their growth and development. As we get older we need less sleep although even with adults there is a great variation in the amount different people need. I personally only need 5-6 hours to feel refreshed whereas others seem to need far more.
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Sleep is as important like the air we breath. Sleep is not just another pastime activity but meant to rest the body against all kinds of tiring conditions and to also to improve one's health.

Sleep is like recharging a motor battery for efficient working purpose. Without sleep the body could shut down and death would be inevitable. And insufficient sleeping period is as dangerous like not sleeping at all.

Once you are sleeping properly, you would fall sick less often due to you having improved immune system caused by sound sleep. You become productive when you sleep well. I according to my motto 'if you don't sleep well you can't perform well'.
Sleep helps human brain to work better, fight stress related conditions like anxiety, neurosis, depression etc. For one to say I have slept well he/she is expected have nothing less than 6-8 hours sleep per day.
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