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I love to try teleport and go to Korea. Korea is one of my favorite places to visits in the future. Due to lack of money, I haven't gone there. I am a korean series addict and I want to see in person those places that I see from the drama series. I know Halyeo or what they said korean wave. I follow different Korean stars and I wish to see the in person in the future. I also love their foods. For sure if I will have to use teleporting, to visit different places, different restaurant, to visits different stores to buy beauty products and some foods as well. If there is a teleporting, I just wish it is legal and not dangerous, lol because I am afraid to use airplane as a travel vehicle because I have fear of flying. Teleport will give me enough convenience.
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Oh WOW!  Great question.  I love Star Trek! laugh  If teleportation existed, I have no need for it.  I have nowhere in particular that I want to go.  However, I would encourage my husband to use it.  He is not in the best of health, especially for traveling via airplane.  But his mother is far away in another country.  He would love to visit her.  He is an only child and she would love for him to come visit her.  It has been many years since he last saw her.  Thank goodness her sister has a Facebook account and shares pictures and videos with us.  That closes the distance a little bit.  But there's nothing that can take the place of actually seeing someone's face, hugging them, and talking to them.  So if teleportation existed, I would use it to either transport my husband to see his mother OR transport his mother to come visit him.

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Oh there's a list of places that I would love to teleport to. First I would go to the Himalayans. I would land on Mount Everest and Just take in the feeling of serenity. I would love to go to all the historic places on earth like the great pyramids of Egypt. If teleportation exist, it would take you to places unimaginable. Places you never imagined you'd ever visit. That would have been such a thrill. I have a  friend that once told me that teleportion really exists. I thought she was crazy and she said to me, "nothing is impossible." She said it is someone's dream that has come true which the rest of the world may never find out.
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If teleportation exists, I'd probably go to the highest mountains and deepest trenches of the ocean. I think nothing compares to the feeling of being one with the nature.

I remember there was one time when our class braved one of the highest mountains here in our country. I can't even contain my happiness, even though I almost give up. Being on the summit made me appreciate the beauty of nature, more than ever. I swear the feeling was different.

Whenever I travel to a new town or country I also make it a point to visit one of their beaches, as staring at the sea makes me feel calm.

If I can go to several places in just a snap of a finger, then I'd be very much happy.
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I've always wondered how tall and magnificent the great China wall is. For a 700 BC construction, I think it's too fascinating to be ignored. This will be the first place I'll visit if I had the power of teleportation. 

Before stopping to checkout the great China wall, I think I'll do a quick look at one of the world's unexplained phenomenon in the arctic and Antarctica, or Iceland. Am talking about the northern or southern lights popularly known as Auroras. I think it's one of the most amazing natural display of lights in the Earth's skies. 

After experiencing much fascination and amazement, I'll drop by the vaults of the world bank so I can get me some good cash to spend while teleporting to other parts of the world. wink

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