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I'll live my life to the fullest by enjoying and engaging new things. I want to travel around the globe meeting new people, sharing love and smiles..
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I would like to live my life to the fullest by fulfilling the purpose I was brought to this world for. There won't be substitute for this kind of life I desired to lead. 

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When I was younger I had a chance to go to Europe for a summer and visit all the art galleries and meet famous artists. It was with my art class and I was chosen to go. I was excited and would be in France for a week and could see my family. My mom refused and wouldn't let me go. After this, I decided I still wanted to travel and see the world so I joined the Government as a network tech and got my wish. I spent years in Mexico, Porta Rico, Jamacia, Canada, and across the US. I got my wish.

Now to full fill my dreams I came to Tahiti to work there and decided to stay on. I have been in the South Pacific for over 22 years now and I do so much traveling and different adventures. I still have many more places I want to go and visit and see before it is too late. I think when you follow your dreams you'll live your life to the fullest and in the end, you look back on some great memories.
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I always live a life that will at least benefit someone else close to me but don't distract them. Some people usually say they enjoy life while they're still alive because when they die they'll not have fun. I usually advice my colleagues to live lives that people will always remember.

For me personally, I think travelling the whole world some time in the future will be my joy and I'll say that I have lived my life to the fullest. There are certain countries and historical places that have always yearned to visit but I have never due to financial constraints. One of those places is Jerusalem, I would love to see the foot prints  of Jesus.
Also another way I can live my life to the fullest is partying. Partying is part of life especially for every youth but partying responsibly .That's a stage in life  which cannot be reversed or else you might find yourself partying when you're old and this might be surprising.
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I think I will live to the fullest by being responsible daughter for my mother and helping our lives to improve yearly. I want to give her a good home. I want a house bigger that we have now so I am saving my money to renovate our house. I find myself helping our family until I lose my breath because they are my life. I want to travel as well. I want to go to different places and explore the beauty of this world. If I will be given a family of my own, I will accept but to be honest it is not part of the plan. Living to the fullest is like retiring while you are young and reaping the rewards of your hard work. Also, living the life to the fullest would be excitin if I were be the one that will help people who had helped my family during tough times.
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Living life to the fullest for me is achieving my dreams. I want to put a forever lasting smile on the faces of a lot of people especially my little sister. She's been through a lot and I want to see her happy and healthy. That would mean the world to me and if my life ends then, I'd be fulfilled.

I want to travel the world ,see exciting places, learn new things and leave my footprints wherever I go. I know living life to the fullest will not be given at a platter. This is why I'm working so hard everyday so that I can grab the life before it flies away. Happiness is truly fulfilling and it comes when you achieve your dreams.
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Life is really what we make of it,it always up to us to make every minutes of our lives count and life can only turn out  the way we molded it.

For me I'm living my best life and I'm going to live it to the fullest, only death can truncate this  but if not then I keep grinding.

I have got the most lovable and caring family with nice paying jobs,a partner that have got my back,I have a nice looking house to call my own and tots that are very cute and lovely. We take our vacation when we deem fit and I don't have worries that keeps me awake all night.

Life is just beautiful and I'm looking forward to making it even better as I journeyed along .
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When I was younger I used to pack as much as I could into my life but I have slowed down as I've become older. I used to travel, have a very active social life and had a variety of different jobs. When I got married and had children I became more settled although I enjoyed bringing up my children and they were a very happy phase of my life.

At the moment my life has been put on hold because I am bringing up my granddaughter but if my health remains good I shall start to travel a little more with my partner. She is 11 right now but as she becomes more independent my life will change again and I will get more freedom to do the things that I want. Meeting people from different cultures is one of my passions but for now I will have to be content with meeting them online.
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Living life to the fullest is a very personal thing. In this finite world, I would say that you are living life to the fullest state once you felt genuine happiness. But this is something very difficult to achieve, especially if you have a lot of responsibilities on your plate.

Based on experience, I try to devote my time in things that matter most like reading and learning new things. I also make it a point to travel out of town once a year. This way, I manage to have a work-life balance. Remember also that we work to live and not otherwise. Oftentimes, it is our duty to provide that we forget our own happiness. Money can only get us material things but actual connection with people is something one will only achieve through actual interaction with people that matter most.
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Life is a matter of choice and it's all up to an individual to choose how he or she would live out his or her either to be happy and fulfilled or to be sad and gloomy. Perhaps, it's all about the way we prefer to face each and every day that we wake up to with our life principles.

There is an old saying that goes like this - Never live your life full of expectations from people because they are most likely going to disappoint and such disappointment would take away from you your happiness as you were already expectorant them to deliver for you. Also, you should live your life to be happy and not to please everyone because it's not possible to make everyone happy. If you want to make everyone happy at the same time, then you should consider being an ice cream seller.
Do the things you love which makes you feel happy and forget about what people say about you, it's the only way to make yourself feel better always.

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