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I don't know why companies will require experience for fresh graduate when they don't work yet. But company expect fresh graduate to do their jobs right.
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Exaggerated experience which i wonder where they are expected to get it ffrom. Imagine being asked for 5 years experience and even getting an internship is difficult.

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Companies don't dislike fresh graduates but expect more skills and expertise as per their job requirements. The fact is that course curriculam for almost all courses are not as per latest industry requirements.

I like to suggest all fresh graduates to take advantage of Govt. of India launched scheme known as NEEM Scheme - A on the job training program with stipends to enhance your employability and after completion of training program, you can easily find desired job in your field.

NEEM stands for National Employability Enhancement Mission - A Govt. of India initiative to enhance employability of unskilled Indian youths.

In this scheme, neem agent formulate on the job training program in consultation with concerned companies for their present and future skills set requirements, pick interested neem trainees for on the job training program and proceed accordingly to make unskilled youth skilled manpower. After completion of training, neem trainees can easily find suitable employment.

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Fresh graduates are fragile. They are sensitive. Maybe they are very aggressive and some of them are strong to accept the job, but some of them are still not matured when it comes to professionalism. At the office, there is this new girl, newly graduate. She is working as an administrative assistant. She only stayed in the office for a month because she said it went on traumatic for her. She was given a task that she finds not easy and she has less understanding on how to do the job. She left already because she is afraid to fail and avoiding on her boss to hate her. That is lack of professionalism I think. I just hope the HR able to explains the working environment on her. Maybe she doesn't need the job more that she left after a month. I think lack of maturity and they should be open-minded. I think culture shock as well.
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Basically, what most companies don't like about fresh college graduates is their inexperiences. These companies see them as ill equipped to handle each tasks given to them, as they are yet to learn the nitty gritty of the scope of the business. And at times, they have to use some of their resources in training them to fit into their various job descriptions. These trainings could be in form of internships, probations, graduate trainee programs etc.

Although these fresh graduates are raw talents, but there is still something missing in them. And for them to maximize their potentials, they have to be groomed in accordance with these companies modus operandi. If not, so many losses could be incurred, which would in turn affect the companies capital. And that is what they don't want from these fresh graduates, that's why they are doing the necessary trainings to equip them.
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First is the lack of experience. Working with well experienced personnel saves time since all they need is just a few tips and they're ready to go. For the new fresh graduates, you'll have to find time to teach them how things are run, the dos and the donts. This time that is being used could have been invested somewhere else for the well being of the company.
Then most college graduates don't usually take work seriously. Within time you might find that production has reduced especially if the company has employed several graduates. But then, these college graduates require very less salary compared to that person whose got experience in certain specific job. This is usually an advantage to the employer since he'll be making too much profits.
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Fresh graduates are often job hoppers, and I think this is what companies dislike most. Being new members of the workforce, it is very rare that fresh graduates get to enter their dream companies without having the appropriate experience to do certain tasks. Hence, what they usually do is to take the most appealing offer that's given to them, work for quite some time, and then leave and go to the company of their choice. This brings so much losses to the company, as they tend to expose these fresh graduates to several trainings that they think will help in the performance of their duty.

Moreover, fresh graduates also often have poor communication skills, and lack flexibility and professionalism--another areas where the companies get to invest but fail to gain profits due to the same reason I've mentioned earlier.
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I don't think they dislike them because they can bring fresh ideas and energy  to a company but they do lack experience and in some of the companies I have worked for they have been unreliable when it comes to taking time off.

Older people have done the groundwork when it comes to a job so there is very little they don't know and although a college graduate might be quick to pick it up they might also make more mistakes in the learning process.

I once worked in a supermarket where we had some Managers who came in fresh from college. None of them lasted because they could not do the things they were asking their employees under them to do. The best managers are the ones that work their way up from the bottom and know the company inside out.
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Isn't it obvious that what most companies hate so much about fresh graduates is nothing but their lack or zero experience on the job they are most likely going to apply for in the company. This is a very common problem over here in Nigeria, where over 90 percent of all the companies around here and even government ministry would ask for new employees with a minimum of 10 years working experience.

Now, how can someone who just recently graduated from the university have a work experience of up to 10 years? Would the individual be schooling and at the same time working as well in order to have the level of work experience these companies are asking for. Seriously, this is very annoying in my opinion and it's not encouraging at all because it makes job seekers frustrated.
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In as much as companies still want to employ fresh graduates from college they still have their reservations about employing new graduates especially those that have never worked in their entire life.

Companies believe they might not have the necessary skills to handle a specific job

Some graduates are way too lazy and will hardly take the job very serious, so they might not have much bills to pick up.

Some are still very young to handle sensitive position and such position might need one that is really exposed emotionally, psychologically and otherwise.

New graduates are sometimes not submissive, they don't want to obey constituted authority and in the process job suffers because they're not ready to do what it really entails.
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The answer to this question is as simple as the question its self. Because the answer is general everywhere in the world. Employers detest only one thing from a fresh graduate because all his/her ideas are theoretical and no practical exposure in them. And even when there is practical exposure, it won't be as sound as employer want it.
After my diploma certificate, I applied job in a particular company as though been a diploma holder who is exposed only to laboratory and not industrial practicals. I was to be interviewed by a sound engineer, so i began to feel muchly inferior, we spoke well and dialogues well when discussing laboratory practicals, but I stopped functioning the moment he began asking experience and application questions peculiar to industrial factory.

Trust me, no company want to employ fresh graduate and train. it is always a challenge from both side.

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