Is it even possible to picture a 4 dimensional movie. Can movie be pictured in 4d in future?

If so what you can expect from it?
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The room is 3D if we consider only space dimensions, i.e. x,y, z-axis. now if we introduce time as a dimension then any event happening in this room can be expressed by four dimension parameters. 

  Yes, a movie may be pictured 4D in future. Future technology can introduce many more amazing properties.

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Actually, our world and all movies are 4 dimensional, as the 4th dimension is time. For 5 dimensional (additional space dimension) - I don't think it's possible to visualize it so human eye can see it. But you can make a projection of such movie to standart one which you will be able to see.
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There are three physical dimensions. Time is not a dimension. If there were a fourth dimension knots would not stay tied and blood would not stay in arteries.
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