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My opinion is very big yes. I think no one can forget their first crush. I still have the feeling even after five years.
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Yes i still feel deeply for ex. I love her then unconditionally and I still love her up till now.
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I still do but I don't want to convince myself because I might do something stupid like act on it or something similar to that. LOL
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i do no longer have special feelings for my ex. but i do appreciate if something bad happens to him. laugh out loud.

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It depends with the person and the reason why we broke up. Some ex are good and you might find out that you're the reason why you broke up or maybe a slight mistake made you guys to break up. You'll start having feelings on your ex when you meet someone new and when you compare the two you find that your is better than him/her.

For me, I do have feelings for my although it only lasts like one day then I forget about him again. Most a times am always tempted to text him and tell him how much I miss him but then I come back to my senses when I imagine how I will be stooping low. I read a certain book, it said  that when you break up with your ex never call/text him because they'll think that you want them back. If I move on and the man doesn't seem to be what I expected of him, I usually quit stay single for sometime before finding the right person but going back to my ex, I will never.
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I will always have feelings for the father of my children even though when we split I was very angry. Once those feelings of anger passed and I started to heal I realised that we should be friends for the sake of the children as they didn't want to see us fighting. Our children are grown up now and our daughter just got married  but we can still share these special events together even though we are not a couple.

Over time we have built up a mutual respect for each other and he will always be something special in my life. We could never go back to being a couple because of the things that happened at the end of our relationship. We have both moved on with other people but we keep in touch and chat on the phone frequently. We lost the romantic love we had for each other but we gained a solid friendship and I would never want to lose that. I consider him one of my best friends.

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