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I don't really have much fear about life. But the only fear I have is the fear of my loved ones turning on me because of money. I am so scared to the bone about this. I don't know what is causing this fear, but I am beginning to have the feelings that those that once claimed love me are going to switch off on me because of money. I already have the knowledge that money is the root of all evil especially if its allowed to cause rift between two or more that were once closed

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My greatest fear is losing someone whose close to me like my family members. I love my family and I just can't imagine losing any of them. In fact my I don't think if I will be alive I hear such bad news.  Leave alone my family members, last month I lost my next door neighbour. Since then, I have not had a peaceful sleep. In fact at times I can stay in bed the whole night think about him how good he was and all sorts of memories.

What I usually convince myself  is , I am a Christian and I should never fear death because its a path for everyone. Although filling the gap and erasing all the memories might be hard, its always God's plan. That's why I always try my best each day to lead a righteous life because you don't know how tomorrow is going to be. Many a times I always try getting this thought out of my mind but at least I can say its working.
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I have legal custody of my granddaughter as her parents were not able to look after her. My biggest fear is that something will happen to me before she is grown up because there is no one in the family who would be able to look after her so she could go into the care system. She is 11 at the moment so in 5 years she will be 16 and hopefully more able to fend for herself.

I had a health scare recently which could have been serious but turned out not to be but I was terrified that I might die or at the very least spend time in hospital while I had treatment. I was relieved to find after tests that it was a false alarm but it has made me aware that I should take better care of my health so that I will always be there to take care of her until she is grown up.

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