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How to fix it? My iPhone 7 was stuck on the screen for 3 hrs after restoring in iTunes. What would be problem with this case?

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Normally this can happen for several reasons:

  1. This phone was stolen and the person who owned the phone has used iCloud and location finder to find their phone. When the phone was reset using iTunes it has locked the phone and you need the email address and password to get it unlocked. 
  2. There is a software issue with this phone and when you tried to restore it, the phone can't restore because the firmware has been updated.
  3. During a restore, you lost power to the phone and it wasn't plugged into the power supply.
  4. You have an issue with the firmware on the phone and it has locked up.
  5. You can try again to restore the phone. Do a forced reset on the phone by holding down the up + down volume buttons, the button on the right side of the phone and the round button on the bottom of the phone at the same time. This will force the phone to power off and reset. Now try and restore the phone again. 

If none of this works for you then you need to make an appointment at the Apple store and have them do this for you. You will need your codes because they ask for them when you bring in the phone. 

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What did you do with your iPhone before , there are 2 reasons why the iPhone was stuck on connect to iTunes scree .

One of them is Jailbreaking program, you were running the  Jailbreaking program on your iPhone, but you failed ,

Another of them is Update program .

i was going to update my iPhone to the latest version and i failed , the result was that i can not access my iPhone, there was nothing that i can do with my iPhone, it was stuck on connect to iTunes screen.

I came up with the following solution :

1:Trying to reboot your iPhone (Simultaneously Press and hold Sleep/ wake and Home buttons)

2:Use third-party software to fix iPhone stuck on connect to iTunes screen  (That's what i did before)

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