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I think so, as long as after you been to dentist you have to take good care with you tooth not just the dentist.

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Smile or smiling is a natural phenomenon, bestowed upon human beings by God. Human beings are the only living species with this gift. Have you seen or heard or read about any other living organisms smile? Probably not! Having said that, I can also say that God might have given this gift to enhance ourselves and our lives on this earth.

In view of the above, a smile should come to us naturally. we should smile at others and built good relationships for the betterment of our life on this earth. What the words of arguments and debates and quarrels cannot solve, a smile can easily solve. It is said that 'a smile goes a mile' and 'a smile may be a curve, but it straightens things'. So it should be natural and not designed especially with cosmetic dentistry.
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Yes it is. The while idea about cosmetic dentistry is based on smile enhancement. Cosmetic dentistry is also referred to as smile enhancement.

Cosmetic dentistry is more than just oral health care, which involves treatment and maintenance of dental health, it's also a process which involves making a positive change to the teeth in order to enhance smile and general facial looks. It is also called smile enhancement because the end of the procedure can have dramatic results on your overall appearance.
Just like every other body cosmetic procedures, cosmetic dentistry is aimed at enhancing the facial smile by undergoing procedures which ranges from gaps closing, basic color corrections to replacing missing teeths.

Drawing from this, you'd agree that cosmetic dentistry is majorly aimed at improving the facial area around the mouth to give a person a better look when they smile. So yes, cosmetic dentistry can help in giving a better designed smile.

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