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There shouldn't be any issues with the color of the aloe jell you have purchased. The gel normally comes in green and can also come in other colors too.

They now have a blue aloe vera gel that is blue. They call this an ice gel to sooth pain from sunburns or other types of burns. This is an excellent gel to use on children or even on yourself. It will relieve the pain from a burn and it actually feels cool and refreshing.
If you are using the aloe vera gel from a plant this can happen when the plant is cut and exposed to air. it can oxidate like an apple and the color of the juice inside the plant will have a red or pink color to it. When they process aloe vera to sell in the markets they end up pushing the gel through some sort of tube to stop it from oxidating so it can be sold to the public.
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Regardless of the color of an aloe vera plant, one thing is certain about it, that it can initiate the necessary beautification changes on your face. Generally, aloe vera usually come in green jelly form that is sticky to texture. It has wide application of it both for external and internal use. Internally, it can be used for medical purpose in fighting various infections.
Externally, it find its used as aesthetics components in making creams. And, it can also be used directly on the face as exfoliator. Here is how you can get the best out of aloe vera via DIY:

 Get an aloe vera plant, and cut it into half. Squeeze the greenish jelly content of it into plastic container, and apply it to your face as a face mask. Allow it to stick to your face by allowing it to dry up possibly with 30 minutes. Wash it off with warm water. Repeat this procedure for 3-4 times a week. And wait for the magical effect of aloe vera on your face.
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Many people prefer the pink or red Aloe because it tends to smell and taste better, it tends to have a thicker vviscosity, and they believe it may possess even more health benefit than translucent Aloe. One of the marvelous things about Aloe vera is that it refuse to yield its secret to scientist.

You can cut the biggest leaves off first 4-5 at a time and place them in refrigerator. If it is left for a month it will turn red or pink. And when you are ready to use it. Apply it to the parts daily for the period of two weeks. It is most preferable to apply it every night before bed wash in the morning.

Or use your hand to apply the Aloe vera apply the aloe Vera juice into your face or affected area and leave it for 20minutes or until it dries. Later wash with water and clean with towel.

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