A box jellyfish has 24 eyes, an earthworm’s entire body is covered with taste receptors, a cockroach can detect movement 2,000 times the diameter of a hydrogen atom — and your dog’s sense of smell is up to 100,000 times greater than yours (some dogs have been known to smell human cancers). It’s safe to say that animals experience a much different world than we do.
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I do believe some  animals have sixth sense like shark,they have this called electroreception, and I would analyze that animals can sense more than human can do.

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Much has been said and written about the sixth sense of dogs and cats (and all Animals as a whole). Although many have behaviors that surprise us, and sometimes frighten us, for example, dogs barking in the dark or cats that bristle seemingly without reason, it is not scientifically proven that they have a sixth sense.

It may, however, be "deduced" that many of these assumptions about a sixth sense are related to the more developed senses that dogs and cats have in relation to us. With a better auditory, olfactory and visual capacity, the world around us can change radically as well as the way we interact with it.

This is exactly what happens with dogs and cats, their senses allow them to develop relationships with the environment that are impossible for us because we do not have the tools needed to access that kind of reality.
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sorry, I can't stop laughing in your statement "sometimes frighten us" it is very true hahaha, now it is proven that whenever the ears of the cat are moving and you cannot see people around, it means that there is something lurking around that area.
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I have seen some strange things at times owning animals. I really believe that there is something special and that animals can know things or warn us before events happen. In an event of an earthquake, I saw one of my friend's dogs get really nervous and run to her. It was like he was trying to warn her that something was coming. He was trying to get her out of the house. Not long after this, the earthquake hit and the dog was trying to make her leave the home. 

I've seen dogs get really nervous around their masters when they think something is about to happen. They have a way of knowing or feeling that something will happen. In some cases, a dog was so nervous before his owner had a stroke or heart attack. When other dogs knew that the person was going to fall or needed help. A dog knows when a person is sad and know something is wrong.

I think this all has to do with the dog's ability to hear and see. It is also a natural instinct in all animals that they are born with to help protect them against danger.
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This is a very interesting topic, isn't it? :) here in our place, whenever a dog is barking without anyone around we believe that it can see a spirit or they can feel spirit around us. I also want to agree with you that animals know if there will something happen like a natural disaster. By the way, based on the national geographic, elephants are the first mammal in the land who could know if there will be an earthquake it is because of their flat feet that makes them feel the ground.:)

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Dogs definitely possess special qualities that humans don't. I lived in a house that was said to be haunted. We had a dog which was extremely afraid to enter one of the rooms. He would stand outside, whine and bark and generally become very agitated.

As you say, some dogs can even detect illness in their owner and have alerted them to the fact they need a doctor. Humans can smell cancer through their breath in the later stages of the disease but a dog can detect it at stage zero, the earliest stage, which is pretty amazing and so far has only been accomplished through the canine species.
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As far as I know animals do have very special characteristics that we humans do not have, Maybe because they were born in the wilderness, forest or in the wilds that is why their senses are very sharp, just like the eagle, eagle's eyes are very sharp that it can see its prey even if they are flying meters above the ground. Even the cats have their own stories of their six sense, base on the studies whenever the ears of cat are moving it means that there is something lurking around us it may be a spirit, ghost or something but definitely there is something around us and also here in our place it said that you can see whether it is a low tide or high tide just by looking in the eyes of the cat. I believe animals develop their sixth sense because they live very different from us.
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I don't know with other animals but what I observed with my dogs are they know when there is something strange happening and about to happen. My dog who is closest to me feel when there will be someone that will get sick or the illness had gone severe. He had done this a lot of times with my parents. He observed my father before he got a stroke. He did the same when he got stroke again. He even woke me up. The same goes with my mother. My mother was coughing the whole time before and the dog was really bothered. He kept on insisting to check on my mother only to find out that my mother already fell on the ground, coughing. He can even detect and earthquake or strong rain. That is why when he is moving around, I get nervous. He always gives us a sign. That is the reason I believe animals have sixth sense.
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It just can't be that animals have sixth sense. There is no how animals would possess the ability of having what is associated with humans. Humans are the only higher animals that have this intrinsic extra sensory ability. That's why it becomes very much easier for humans to intuitively perceive whenever something is about to happens. But same can't be said of lower animals, because they only work with instincts. And often time than not, this instinctive sensing of their environment do fail them.

In addition, humans also slightly possess instinct. It's with the said of this instinct, we can also discern through the use of our sixth sense what is happening around us. Obviously, lowers animals lack sixth sense, but instead they only instinctively move around their environment.
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Yes animal have it the animal that have a sixth sense is dog and cat and all animal has that thing surprise me I have see strange thing at the owning animal
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every animal species is different but since tehy need to hunt their food and protect themselves frm bigger animals or predators, i do believe their instincts are faster, also the senses.
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Animals have thing called premonition or the sense which can check for the chagnes in the nature nearby. So they kind of sense the earthquake and the rain etc. And they howl or cry in that case. They warn the other animals and their own with that cry. In such case other animals realize there is something danger nearby and we have to be alert. 
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Most animals have their special senses. In reality, some humans possess third-eye. It means third-eye is only a gift for people. Personally, I do not want to have this special ability. If I have it, I will see dead people and I cannot bear to see them.
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