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Wash your face twice daily and avoid using make up at this time, you can grab a slice of cucumber and rub it into your face gently afterwards, let it dry and get a slice of tomato and dip it into honey and rub it in your face, leave for few minutes and wash it off, apply moisturizer.

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Regular cleaning of face and drinking lots of water will get rid of acne. I have acne but it is not visible. You might need to look at my face very near in order to see it. I do clean my face with astringent if my hands are tired with working, if I am not that tired, I really wash my face with my cleanser, get it toned and moisturize before I go to bed. To prevent acne, we just need to clean our face. Acne came from germs with get from air. We need to wipe it all and do not leave a chance to stick it with our skin. Also, we have natural oils in our body. Oils could clog our pores that is why we need to clean our face. I think it is normal to have an acne. We cannot get rid of it perfectly, so I think it is normal. It doesn't look good but there are natural ingredients and even home made stuff we need to use to fix it.
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In today's advanced world, there are a number of treatments available to get rid of acne. Therefore, it is very difficult to say about any particular method that is best way to get rid of acne. It is because of the simple reason that what suits and works for one person may not work for the other person. So, it is always better and advisable to consult a doctor.

From the range of treatments that are available for the treatment of acne, the doctor will decide which type of treatment the affected person needs. The doctor will decide this aspect based on the extent of problem of acne, age, medical history, health condition acceptance to some medications and methods, expectations and last but not the least what patients like.
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Actually, acne are caused by the hardening of the skin pigment mainly due to black spots left behind by pimples. This would definitely make that part of the body where they are found to be short of blood needed to lighten it up. But this can be corrected by use of natural substances capable of reversing the process.

Basically, acne can be cured with use of lemon alongside sugar or baking soda. All that needs to be done is to cut the lemon into half, squeeze a part of it into plastic container, and add sugar or baking soda to it. Mix it thoroughly and apply it to your face. Leave it upto 30 minutes and wash it off with warm water. Repeat this 3-4 times a week, and with patient results would become unavaoidable.

The reason why lemon is ideal for the process, it's because it contains citric acid and vitamin C, which can exfoliate the body part hardened by the acne.
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I personally know a lot of people who have acne skin problems and I can tell you from their experiences which they confided in me that it's not something they really enjoyed having to pass through in their lives. One of the people whom I'm very close to that have acne problems told me in camera that it sometimes affects her self confidence especially when it comes to getting into outdoor activities that would require exposing of her body, take for instance going to the beach or going for swimming. It's such a shame some people suffer this problem but I'm well aware that all manner of acne skin problems have a good remedy to taking very good care of it and it would be as if it never happened before. So, I would recommend getting professional advice and help from a dermatologist.
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It is most difficult to prescribe an exact treatment for acne since the world is so large that our existence or habitance is in different places and different weather system. Also we have different skin morphology and with such, what might seems excellent for one might increase or worsen the other.

However, the treatment for acne is first to visit a skin specialist to take a special  detail examination and diagnosis of the skin and then heed to prescription.

Meanwhile, if it is still important that we suggest a solution without knowing the condition if the patient then, I recomment virgin anti spot or acne away lotions. It must be administers on the affected part every night before bed after that part is washed with soap.

Doing this for a week or two will solve the problem provided it rhymes with patients skin morphology.,
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the best way is from inside, watch out for what you eat, a poor and unhealthy diet is often the cause of acne, do some exercise, take care of your body and your body will take care of your skin.
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You should do regular face wash. It is simply oilness and dirt in your face. Failing to moisturize your skin leads to over-drying.
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Wash your face often. Milk is used as a cleanser. Apply milk on your face daily. Apply Honey, Lemon, Tomato and Aloe vera. The clean of hair is also Important. If one have dandruff it will cause acne pimples. Never touch your skin.
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Cleanliness is one of such ways. Keep your face clean and apply cream that support healthy skin. Keep you hands away from your face. Always wash your hands after work. Keep your face dry and smooth.
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