What is the difference between medical and oxygen gas?
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Medical oxygen is clean, purified, colorless and non-flammable . Medical air is consist of nitrogen, oxygen and argon. While oxygen is just a natural gas produced by plants 
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medical gas is colorless, ultra-clean, and nonflammable.it is used for the treatment of thousands of patients for example ventilator but oxygen is used for respiration
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Medical gas are used in healthcare services where oxygen gas are used in aircraft, submarines as life support system. Humans uses medical gas in medical operations and Oxygen for Respiration
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Medical air differs from oxygen and ordinary air. It is an ultra clean, dry, purified, colorless, odorless non flammable gas. If the air is properly cleaned and processed it can suitable for human to breath. Hospitals use medical air for dozens of patiences treatments including ventilators and incubators.
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Medical Air is different from Oxygen.

The Main Differences are The Purity of Oxygen,Uses.

Medical Air is used in Hospital for a variety of patient treatment,such as ventilators and incubators.

Oxygen is the single gaseous natural component found in Air.
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Oxygen is a form of medical gas. Other medical gas includes Nitrogen, argon, helium, and all these are used for medical procedures such as anesthesia and other form of treatment.  
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