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The meaning of destruction is to destroy or do so much damage to something that it no longer exists. There are several ways you can destroy something:

  1. The destruction of a building. If a building is condemned and dangerous a company can destroy this building by tearing it down or blowing it up. 
  2. An accident can destroy a car. This is also considered a form of destruction.
  3. If you are angry and take a hammer to an object and beat the object until there is nothing left this is a form of destruction.
  4. Some people say that another person has destroyed their life. This can mean that a person caused them so much harm that their life will never be the same again.
  5. A fire can destroy a forest, home, or even a building. After a fire, it is hard to rebuild and most items are destroyed forever. If a fire happens in a forest it will take years for the forest to rebuild and come alive again 
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Exactly! Natural disasters are the real force of destruction because they have the capacity of destroying the whole world in limited-time frame.

Fire is the worst natural disaster in my opinion. 
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Well, since you posted this on this category, I don't think you're looking for this definition from a dictionary? I'm not sure but, I think this is no mistake and you're referring to destruction that's related to the mental health and psychology of a person, and that's what I'm going to talk about in my answer. My apologies if this is not what you're looking for.

So, they have already provided you with the definition of the word. But destruction in terms of mental health and psychology can manifest itself in self-destructive behaviors. Self-destructive behavior causes harm to the person engaging in that behavior. There are so many levels of self-destructive behaviors with suicide being the most extreme harm someone would cause themselves. Some forms of self-destruction are:

  • thinking you're going to fail and letting these thoughts get the best of you.
  • eating disorders (overeating and undereating).
  • drug and alcohol abuse.
  • physical and mental neglect.
  • self-injury.

These behaviors provide temporary relief and even pleasure in some cases. These behaviors have been linked to childhood traumas and physical abuse.

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answered by LEGEND (6,072 points) 7 22 49
I believe destruction in this context the question is asked is referring to mental malady caused by brain destruction. If it is, well, destruction of this magnitude happens to be the most severe form of it, as it affects the overall well being of an individual including mental and psychological. Unfortunately, destruction can total change the way one reason and relate with people as well as his/her environment.

However, the destruction can also lead to behavioral changes whereby the sufferer is inevitably predisposed to mental problems such as inability to utilize his/her cognitive ability, thus, unable to rationalize important matters concerning his/ her life. Other times, it could be lost of memories depending on the cause of the destruction.

Essentially, major causes of this type of destruction, often refers to as brain damage are: accident, substance abuse, trauma etc.
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Destruction is actually a word I wish to define with a story.
There was this film I watch titled cheaters book, a young man talented and rich is busy dating different women as a Casanova, he actually doesn't believe in love or trusting a woman. Which he wouldn't sstop to tell his friends who were married never to trust their wife's. He sleeps with any woman and no woman is exception.Every woman he invites home will be the special one whom his house will be fully decorated by her pictures. He actually uses such trick to make each of them veliebelieved he loves her. He thought he's enjoying life. Suddenly he net a lady who just packed in. He fell in love with her and the he approached her. She Didn't agree to date him b75 he pressed. Later they started going out. He was in love. He wanted to have sex with her but she avoided him. He came visiting and the lady, she staged a guy to act like they are dating just to push him away. Suddenly, the Casanova became frustrated and started drinking all around.he came back to the ladies house and forced her to sex. Th3 lady then decided to tell him she is HIV positive. He then felt bad of his always desiring to have sex with every woman.

He destroyed his life...that is destruction.
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Destruction can mean so many things being changed either by force from their original form into something non viable or completely non existent. In this context of mental health and psychology however, it can mean the distortion of your original being. Your feelings, emotions, spirituality, behavioral pattern and the list goes on and on.
This only means that you'll no longer be the person you used to be. Most definitely not in a good way. Destruction of a person brings out the other side; the unknown, the monster the unrecognizable.
There is a vast array of factors that can cause the destruction of a person. Sometimes, some people mend their broken pieces and other times, they never fully recover. They say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
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Yangtze - huai river floods were a series of devastating floods that occured in the republic of China in 1931. This was considered as on of the deadliest floods in history and together formed one of the most lethal natural disaster of the 20th century. The death toll was an estimated 3.7 to 4 million people.
The incodent above will classify as destruction given the actual meaning of destruction which is simply the act of destroying. Drawing from it's meaning, my personal opinion will be that destruction can be caused by anything, and as such should be classified into different types. The 1931 floods that hit China will classify as destruction caused by natural events.

Another type of destruction will be man made destruction since destruction can also be referred to as the cause or means of destroying using a weapon. During WW2, after japan's attack on Pearl harbor, the Americans joined the war which led to the surrender of the German force. However, Japan refused to surrender until the Americans dropped the Atomic bomb on Hiroshima killing over 100, 000 people on impact. The second atomic bomb killed more people than the first and thousands more were killed by the after effect in the coming weeks and months that followed. This is a classic example of man made destruction caused by the used of lethal weapons.

In the early 2000's during the reign of blackberry phones. I had this beautiful curve 2 blackberry which I cherished a lot. My battery got spoiled and I couldn't purchase an original replacement so I went for a second grade battery. Moment after plugging the phone to charge the new battery, it blew up crashing the entire phone. Please don't ask me what type of destruction this was. I just know it classifies as destruction as it took my beloved phone away from me.
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Just like hate, destruction is another word that is strong when it comes to the negative aspects of life. As far as I am concerned, when anyone mentions the word destruction, I always take it to mean to break things down, to maim, to annihilate, to diffuse and to melt. This is the word that I often hear in many of the stories that I have read which has something to do with having to go to war. As we all know, when the military are getting ready for war, the only thing that is on their mind is to destroy, to attack and to kill the enemy.

In the church, when the pastor is talking about the agent of destruction, it is simply about talking of getting to that point where the devil using someone else or a spirit to  will kill or attack a particular person or the destiny.
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Destruction of something is simply defined as putting something out of commission that it would be in a shape whereby it can never be of any kind of use in any possible way whatsoever to anyone.

Destruction can come in many forms. It can be self inflicted whereby its a man that wrecks the havoc and cause so much damage to the society which would still affect him negatively. Let's get our facts straight, there is nothing good about causing destruction to anything, so destruction can only be of a devastating negative effects to both man and the environment.
On the other hand, there are some destruction that are naturally inflicted which means that it's something that are not caused by man but by the force of nature like storm, earthquake, tsunami and so on.
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There are many reasons to say what destruction is, if your talking about mental destruction or physically destructed by something is way different from nature's destruction that causes damage in surrounding. Physically destruction means that you being destructed by something, like for example; you are reading your books, or looking at y ur phone and then suddenly your crush appear walking in front of you, that's how you get destructed. Another scenario is when you are playing basketball and you were about to shoot he ball when suddenly you remember you opponent told you not to shoot the ball or else you are facing consequences afterwards, that is mentally destructed.  Another thing is, when you are cooking food for dinner when suddenly you remember your mother told you to wash the dirty laundry before dinner, that's when you get destructed. The destruction mentally or physically us something that bothers you or makes you feel excited on something that you are surprised with or you remembered.

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