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I've noticed a few new members on the site that will ask a lot of questions and only accept one answer before they choose the best answer. This closes out the question and blocks others from answering it. Why even bother to flood the site with all of these questions if you're not interested in allowing others to answer them?
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Too desperate to earn points. I think this is where the moderators of this site should come in. They should monitor whether such arrangements happen because if not then it would be unfair for people who actually give an effort to share their insights and expertise.
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You are right on this one and I do believe they picked up on this one quickly and it stopped soon after this. I can see selecting a best answer if the question has been up for a few weeks and only one person has given an answer. I can't see posting a question and 10 minutes later selecting the best answer. This is gaming the site and the system on here if you ask me. 

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Now that's good news. I would also like to thank you for raising such concern, as it raises awareness not only to admins but also to fellow members.
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I have been a moderator on so many sites that it is easy to spot people who do things like this. I feel they need to be stopped quickly before they game the system for too long. This isn't fair to the other members of the site. 
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It is because the more people will answer the more ideas will come up.

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I wonder how someone will choose the best answer when they received only one response? Best answer should be compared to some of the answer. I wonder why they choose the best answer abruptly. I have a question on this site and I love the response I received, however, I am still thinking that I want more responses. Whenever I am seeing some good topics, I never thought that when I open the topic, the topic starter already received the best answer. I check on the best answer they choose and I was thinking there are more to choose from. I do not know if the site will less an earning if you will not choose the best answer the soonest, but I don't think so. If I were to ask, I rather want more responses and I love to read responses of different people. It leads me to believing we really have different opinions and experiences.
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I'm not sure why this is happening on here but a few new people have come here to ask a question and will only receive one answer before selecting the best answer. I would rather receive more answers before I select.
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I'm new here but I think I can still attempt this,a question asked needs an answer and maybe straight to the point too and I believe getting an answer especially if one just want to reaffirm his or her thought might not need so many people giving the same answer if the person that posted the question sees the first answer and it in agreement with what he or she had thought.then he or she might just believe it will be waste of space to get other responses. So the discussion becomes closed. I think it totally depends on how the poster want and we can't do anything about that.

There are always other questions to answer as I see on this site so this shouldn't be much of a problem.
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In some aspects, it can be a problem because the person isn't getting an answer from other people here. This limits the responses that they have and it can limit their decision-making process in the end. 
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It is really terrible, I must say. I have witnessed a thing that like that on the site whereby a question was asked and a single answer was provided and the asker decided to pick the answer as the best. I noticed instantly that option for answering the question below it got closed. That was when I realized that that's how a asked question can be closed.

I was wondering why would someone choose a single answer to a question while he has not seen other answers. It really goes a long way to show that such an individual is narrow minded because if he's not he would have opened the question for multiple answers so that he can determine the best among them all.

I personally feel something should be done about things like this in order to forestall it occurence in the nearest future.
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The post wasn't actually closed. You can still give a replay on the post and that is all. You can no longer give a comment on the post. Once best answer is selected all comments are closed. Not sure why, but this is how the site is. 

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