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Actually, its known that August is known for Birthday month and most of the friends birthday are in August. Is there any app/tool by which I can add birthday stickers to photos?
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If you are using an Android phone then it is possible. There is an app on the Google Play Store called Birthday Photo Stickers. This allows you to add birthday stickers to photos and create a new look. You can find it here: Birthday Photo Stickers

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Assuming that you're using an Android phone then I would definitely suggest you to use the application called Logext. It is a great application that facilitates you to add birthday stickers on the photos captured with your built in camera and the residing in your gallery.
Along with this it also provides you the functionality to add emoji, stickers along with copyright and trademark tags

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Apps such as Beauty Plus and Sweet Selfie can do this kind of work without you sweating so much. When it comes to celebrating birthdays, it is always necessary for you to select more than one pictures of the person and use an app such as sweet selfie to put them in collage form. The first thing that you have to do is to go to Google Play Store and download the app, afterwards, you can open it and click on Collage as it is widely written.
The next step to take is to start picking out the pictures of the person that you want to celebrate, I think at most is 6 pictures, and after that you can get to upload it on the social media sites that you feel like.
On Facebook, I always celebrate most of my friends since they have been there for me in a long while and the good part of it is that when you celebrate them, they end up celebrating you when it is your time as well.

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