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I prefer a lot of friends smiley

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"Too many cooks spoil the brooth" same applies to someone when they have many friends. When you have many friends, the possibility of being influenced by peer pressure is very high. Each one of them will try bringing up different ideas into you head thus poisoning your brain.

It's good to have few friends like 2 or 3 who are trustable and reliable and will always come at your rescue when you're in need. Whenever it comes to friendship, don't trust anyone 100% though. Some friends are just evil from inside and will be not show you. Their joy will be celebrating your downfall but whe they're with you are good. Its advisable to hear your friends advises but don't do what they tell you.
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answered by LEGEND (6,021 points) 6 13 26
I prefer to have just a few friends. I have a very close group of friends and I like it that way because I'm a very reserved person who likes to open up to Just a few. Still I have a lot of acquaintances and I like to keep it that way. I also think that as you grow older, some People will naturally leave your life.

Other people feel it is good for them to keep in touch with a lot of friends.They enjoy the multitude. Especially those who intend to become public figures. They feel that keeping a lot of company will be in their best interest and security. I'd say whatever you are comfortable with is what you should be doing as long as relationships with others aren't toxic.
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answered by Patron (1,914 points) 3 6 16
On a personal level as well as on social level, I prefer just a few friends. There is a saying which says that  'friends should be few and good one'. I follow that good adage. That apart personally, I don't believe in having too many friends. It is because we should not waste our precious time unnecessarily with friends and we have to give some time to our personal life too. After all, I too have a life to look after and care about.

There is also a saying why a person's life gets improved or spoiled is all because of friends. I strongly believe having too many friends will only waste your time and their time and nothing concrete would be achieved out of such friend's circle. I know people who are spoiled because of their friends.
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answered by VISIONARY (9,071 points) 5 21 51
I have always been a person who has moved around most of my life. It was hard for me to have a lot of friends and then I needed to say goodbye when I moved again. Over the years I've learned that having too many friends isn't always the best for me. I like to have a handful of good friends that are there and I can count on them and they can count on me. When I was younger I loved to make friends with everyone. I thought it was great to have a lot of friends near me all the time. However, this was a very bad idea. In the end, it was basically me who ended up doing for them and they never gave anything in return.
You'll find out as you grow older who is really a good friend and who isn't. I feel it is best for me to have a few great friends around me than a ton of people who are just there to profit on me and get what they can. I like to have 3 or 4 good friends than 20 friends who don't really care about me at all.
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answered by LEGEND (6,086 points) 3 27 50
I only wish to have few friends which I have now. I have lots of friends, but I am not sure if they care about me like I care about them, so maintain to have two friends. I have two friends. We met August 24, 2007. We are celebrating our 11 years of friendship. They are my friends who have been with me through rough times. Some friends around me only know me if they need something, but these two best friends of mine, they are with me through good times and bad times. They treat my problems are their own and I am doing the same with them. If you will just keep a few friends with you, you get to know more about them intimately and the experience is the same with them too. You can be kind to lots of people but you cannot trust them all. You just need a few people that will love you and tht is enough.
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answered by ELITE (3,054 points) 8 35 66
I prefer to have only a few friends whom I can rely on. Quality over quantity. You may ask yourself--do you prefer having broad acquaintances or a number of people you can call at 2:00 AM when you badly need a drink or just someone to talk to?

Also, truth is, even if you are in a group of people whom you have known for a couple of years, you cannot be in the same level of closeness with every single one of them. You will eventually develop deep connection with a few of them and some of them may not even be your friend till the very end, especially when both of you become distant for whatever reason.

I do believe that there is nothing worthy in sticking with people who do not (intend) to know you, your dreams, your quirks, your failures, etc.
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answered by ELITE (4,082 points) 7 26 72
If I'm honest I have a lot of acquaintances but not many close friends and I like it that way. I would say I have only three friends that I would call close, people I know I can depend on and tell them secrets that I know they will keep. There are people who I thought I was close to and did many favours and then when I asked them to help me they didn't want to know .. I realised then they were not true friends.

Most of the people I am close to I have known a long time, 30 years or more, and even though we have moved in different directions through marriage or moving away, we will always help each other out in times of need. To me that's what true friendship means, someone who is always there for you and will move heaven and earth to help if they can.
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I prefer a few friends. It is because having many friends will not really make you happy, don't get me wrong, yes it is good to have friends and like what others said, the more the merrier but it is not necessarily true. I don't really need to have many and more friends for me to be happy, it is fine with me to only have a few friends and I'm contented with it. I don't need a friend who's just there when there is a party or happy gatherings and yet nowhere to be found when I have a problem or I'm in the low point of my life. A few friends are all I need for me to be happy, A few but really considered me as a friend, A few that will never leave me whatever my circumstance is, A few but really dependable and really trustworthy. That's why I prefer to have few friends rather than having more friends but only in good times.
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answered by ELITE (3,009 points) 3 8 16
Generally friends are of different categories. We have online friends,  casual friends and intimate friends.
However, it is better to be very friendly and accommodating to whoever that you have encountered with positively especially on a casual base.
It is necessary to share thought and burdens some times to be able move on and adjust where necessary,  this makes it necessary to have close friends. It is better to have few  close friends that are reasonable, understanding and reliable .

The other categories of friends can be as many as possible because every one of them will definitely have role to play in your life. Building successful networks  across is a responsibility of having many friends that you have established good relationship with which could be casual.
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I prefer few friends that really care and understand about me. I don't really have many friends as I am an introvert person and just have few friends but they are really meant to me and a friend that I can rely on. In life you will always facing new challenge, new stage, and meet new people. Then they become part of your new life when your new journey begin but doesn't mean they will always be your supporting channel. Just few of them that you can trust and you can live with, cause sometimes we don't match with other people personality and of course we can't live with them. So the right choice is a few friends is better than many friends.

It is good to have few friends like 4 or 5 who are trustable and reliable.

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