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I prefer a lot of friends smiley

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I had a lot of friends when I was much younger, but as I grew older, I realized that it's not the number of friends that one have but the quality of friends. As for me, I don't think there is anybody that is good at making friends than me. From my primary school days to secondary school and down to higher institution, I was having far more than I could count as friends. Among them I had few ones there were much closer than the others. It goes on like that until it narrowed down to one been a best friend.

Presents, I barely boast of a best friend talk more of close ones. All I have now are trusted and loyal associates that we share same interests together. Some of my old best friends still keep in touch from time to time but the bond is no longer strong as it were when we started our friendship.
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answered by ELITE (3,662 points) 7 14 56
I have meet so many people along the way, some of them I no longer seen them anymore. It is true saying that poeple will just come and go and those who stays are ypur true friends. I don't really lile to have a packed of group friends when they are true to me anyway. I rather want a few friends that I can trust and won't distrust my loyalty to them. Some people will just want to be part of your life because you have something, especially money. When you are nothing, they will never be around. I don't like this type of people. Some will pretend to be your friends and will listen to your story but at your back they will tell everyone they know. I don't like this either. Trust and loyalty is for one true friends rather than a packed that is untrustworthy.
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answered by VISIONARY (9,008 points) 7 17 70
I don't keep much friends because I like my space most times and I don't like friends invading my privacy all the time so I keep  one or two friends at a time.
I used to keep friends before now when I was really into games I just needed much friends to compete with during the different games I used to play both indoors and outdoors games and it will be more interesting with friends but when I started working and knew I really needed to focus and be more serious with my job, so I let go of some of them.

I have had very loyal 2 friends since childhood and we have been waxing stronger for more than 15 years now and this is the ones I call my friends Because we share our jobs and pains together and we get each other back. It good to have a very good friend to live with.
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Friends are a necessity part of life. We all cannot live without friends in our lives. If there is anyone who has no friends in this world they are probably dead and buried, or for the simple reasons of not having a life. You cannot be a loner in life you need people who will guide you, mentor you and also be there for you whenever you need someone to talk to or a shoulder to lean on. For me i would rather have few friends who will always be there for me when i need them, than having many friends who add no value to my life. Which is better, someone who will stand with you in times of trouble, or someone who will take off as far as they're legs can take them when they hear that you are in trouble. One true friend is better than 100 friends. Like the saying goes you can only know your true friends when you are in trouble, check that out and see how many friends you have left,  you will probably be shocked at the end of it all.

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