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I don't really understand what exactly you're talking about but I tend to think you mean which colour dye you can apply on a black hair. If this is the question, then I think the colour of the dye you choose should match with you skin colour. For instance, you cannot be black with black hair and apply a blonde colour to your hair it will look akward.
A black hair goes well with blonde and maroon especially if the hair is short but still long hair won't be bad. Have seen several people apply yellow and blue but it never suits a black hair. As long as you're comfortable with any colour on your hair then there's no problem as long as the colour isn't shouting to the extent that you'll tend to attract people's attention.
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Here on the island so many people have black hair and add highlight to their hair to change it a bit. From what I have seen there are some colors that really stand out and look great as the highlight in their hair. I think that a lot of people here love the lighter colored hair and tend to use the blond highlights in their hair. I think this looks great when a professional put them in. But many children will try to strip parts of their hair and highlight it themselves. When this happens it doesn't look so great and a lot of times they end up with orange hair which is not so attractive at all.

I personally like the darker blue highlights in black hair. I think when the sun hits on them it makes them stand out and look very rich in color. I don't like the orange highlights that so many of the people are doing right now. I have also seen some people here going with the new fad of gray highlights in their hair and I am not a big fan of this one either.
I would suggest some blond or light brown or even blue if my hair was black.
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I love blue and purple highlights for hair. Especially if we have great eyes, it even highlights them further the blue hues. And blue adds that party touch too
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Black hair is like the best shade of hair one can have. Its a natural beauty in itself and any bright color that compliments black will go with it. There are a few things to consider before going on with every color though. Decide on the color to go with based on your haircut and personality, how better it might suit your style.

Burgundy , chestnut brown and purple streaks can never go wrong, though purple streaks is for the very bold. If you are a person who works for corporate, brown is the best option to go for, as it will go well with work wear and also look professional. If you are a fashion designer or freelancer, going in for the bold colors to match your fashionable outfits is the right choice. Try out small streaks or wigs with those colors to see if it goes well with your personality.

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