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I think that maybe those old people have bite size food and they want something to pick the food while they are cooking it on fire. They use this stick, which is originated as bamboo stick to get the food.

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Actually, the chopsticks were created in China more than 5,000 years ago. They were just simple sticks that people used in cooking that helped them to reach into pots of hot water or oil. Around 500 - 400 AD the chopsticks started to be used as a table instrument for eating. 

One thing that contributed to the use of chopsticks was the population book which now made families start to cut their food into small bite-size pieces. Ths helped to feed the large families, cook the food faster, and it was no longer necessary for a knife on the table to cut the food with. The food was cut before it was cooked. 

Another factor that made people no longer use a table knife for eating was the teaching of Confucius. In this teaching, it was inappropriate to eat with a knife at the table. Around a century later the chopsticks started to migrate to other parts of Asia and Japan. 
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The roots of chopstick are ancient and date as far back as the shang Dynasty ( 1766-1122BC). Originally bronze , and designed as a cooking and eating utensils. They were ideal for stirring fires and plucking noodles out of boiling water. Much preferable to doing that stuff by hand, for obvious reasons.the oldest chopstick ever found were unearthed in the storied ruin of Yin and dated back to 1200BC. The chopsticks were meant to be used to eat smaller portion of everything. These tinier serving of food proved ideal for the precise and deliberate grasp oof the chopstick.

The ancient Egyptians invented spoon for more preference, aside from knives ( which are essentially ssharp). Spoon are believed to be the first utensils used by human which makes sense. The exact origin of the spoon are murky,though aarcheologist do have fossil that assert  Neanderthal culture may have fashioned crude.the spoon became the common christening gift for rich folks.

The spoon happened to become the best and invented for purpose of easy and sound eating system.
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Spoons are good cutlery because the design and shape looks very good. It can hold more food content better than any other cutlery. But in our world today, culture differ from one place to another and if changes everything that is obtainable in each part of the world such culture is practiced.
This brings us to the invention of chopsticks which is an eating tool that is mainly associated with the Asian part of the world like China, Korea, Japan, and so on. There are still existence of spoons in the Asian world culture but they are more used to eating with chopsticks better than spoons.
So, most times people make the decision of eating with what they are very comfortable with and it's either they choose to eat using a spoon or chopsticks.
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I strongly believe that the answer to this question lies with the different cultures in every part of our world. What is considered as an acceptable standard tradition in one place, might be considered as a bad way of life in another place. Since we have different types of food in different cultures, it's only likely to see different methods used in the consumption of the said foods. As humans evolved, so did our brains and methods of doing things. China is known as a nation of inventions right from time. They always seek solutions to problems. So it's no surprise they came up with sticks, as an essential tool for cooking and staring, which eventually led to idea of chopsticks, a better means of eating than the use of bare hands. In Africa, we used bare hands till the coming of colonization which came along with the introduction of spoons. Anyways, we still use our hands till date on certain meals, i guess some cultures do not die easily.

Now, am not certain on the actual date when spoons got introduced, but am very certain that chopsticks are way older than the invention of spoons, correct me if am wrong. China is a 5000 years old empire, as well as most of it's surrounding nations. And as you know, spoons were recorded to have been in use first by the Egyptians, which the romans later adopted and introduced to the rest of the world. Hence, it is conceivable that chopsticks had been in use before the rest of the world picked up the Egyptian culture of eating with spoons which was introduced to the world by the Romans during their war campaigns.

Another thing am looking to correct in your question is the assumption that before chopsticks got invented, spoons were already an option. If you go through recorded history, you'll come to understand that China was nearly cut off from the western empires during the said period. War campaigns weren't brought to their doors by the westernerns. You will barely come across any piece of history that speaks on western conquest of china. The closest any campaign ever got to China was Alexandria the Great's battle in India where he almost lost his life in battle and later announced putting an end to his dreams of ruling the world. This simply means that China didn't get introduced to any western way of eating foods like the use of spoons as they had little or no contact with western nations during those times. They were already using chopsticks before spoons were introduced to them in a much later time, which I believe was through trade establishment with the west.

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