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That would be possible since science is non stop from researching helping those people who aren't able to have a baby.

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I think in a decade or two, this will be the next great invention in the area of conception and birth as we have seen with IVF. This is a process in motion. In 2017, we saw the fetus of a lamb develop in what you call a "biobag." More like a transparent polythene with tubes connected to provide the fetus with nutrients.

With this type of technology, a lot of gaps will be bridged. Premature babies can be saved by further developing them externally. Surgical procedures can be carried out without having to remove the fetus from the mother and back. Women can have a career life with less interruptions due to pregnancy. Gay couples would have another alternative to have babies. The list goes on.

The question is, would this ectogenesis replace natural conception? Would this synthetic mode of nutrition be the best for a developing fetus? Would the absence of umbilical connection between a child and a mother pose a developmental threat after the child is born and starts to grow? Would this be socially and religiously accepted? Would it also be affordable for all who need it or just for elites and rich that can afford this?
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As it seems, it might just be the next inventive breakthrough for us all, because as it stands, it is predicted few years from now humans can actually grow fetus in an artificial womb. From biological and scientific point of view, it's going to be a ground breaking invention as it would allow the hypothetical developing of fetus in an external device to carry the fetus to terms.

Some amazing benefits of extra uterine growing of fetus would be the provision of it enabling the premature fetus to be developed artificially outside the womb of the mother, thereby allowimg the fetus to grow to full matured baby, unlike when the baby will be born in the mother's uterus in an incorrected manner.
Another interesting side of it, it's the opportunity it would offer in fetus viability, as well as fetus development. Mothers can rejoice with this invention as fetus surgery procedures can be done instead of it been postponed before pregnancy.
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In the developed economies of the world, artificial womb is something that they have been using especially when they are doing the Halloween celebration. Something that I am not sure is whether there are people that makes use of this when they are faking a pregnancy as there are things that some women may do all in the name of proving that they are fertile and not barren.

Just the other day, a popular blogger in my country delivered a baby girl and while we were all happy for her as this is somebody that wasn't married and was always agitating for ladies to focus on their careers and leave the men alone. However, I was going through the news this morning and read where someone was accusing her of using a fake womb to claim that she is pregnant. The news was disturbing, but it gave me a clue on how far people can go to make things happen.
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My answer will continue to be never say never. Not with all the inventions, creativity, innovations and technology going on in the world. If there could even be a speculation about this of course I won't hesitate to believe. When it comes to science we should be sure of the unbelievable because it can be very possible. We have test tube babies living and going on smoothly with their lives with no health defects attributed to that then in the future it is possible that womb can be constructed for those that really need a baby.

I wouldn't mind an invention such as this especially for couples that are really finding it very hard to conceive and they're becoming very miserable with life, artificial womb might be what would help put a smile on their faces and babies in their homes.
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To a very clear extent it is going to be a very sound and lucrative achievement of mankind because it will promote and improve on conception and the likely problems associated with it. Many woman who have being suffering the problems of childlessness due to problems associated tto their womb like weak womb and most women whom their womb have been removed due to certain health demanding circumstances, would be able to have hope again.

Though, I know know the medical dimention that the innovation will come with but I trust it will always help to reduce death due to labour or child birth by women and by extension eradicate the pains during delivery.

When such innovation is achieved, it will encourage many women or families who are scared to have more child yet they desire it to venture into it.

However, I just have a reservation about it, which is the fact that, it will or might be too costly to afford by an average citizen since it will involve an expertise and serious monitoring.

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