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I don't normally use skin regiment because most products in the market is made of chemicals, so I am striving to find natural made skin care products.

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People have different skin care regimen depending on their skin type while others do not just care at all. I try to pay more attention to my skin so I always take a good bath twice a day. Mornings and night and other times when it is really hot, I shower three times. I hate feeling sweaty.

I use African black soap which contains aloe vera, Shea butter, lemon camwood, honey and olive oil. I exfoliate at least once a week and I use coconut oil and Shea butter cream with sun protection factor. This Moisturises my skin very well. I do a steam bath once in two weeks and I drink at least three Litres of water everyday. This makes my skin clearer and detoxifies my system.
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My skin is not perfect. Even if I have skin regimen, night time and day time, I still get pimples and acne, but still it pays to clean your face before going to bed because it is exposed to all the dirt from outside. My beauty regimen are these. During daytime, I used a facial wash that I had been using ever since. I used the facial wash from IWhite Korea. Then I use Aloe Vera Moisturizer for my face. Sometimes I use a Belo Toner before moisturizer, but sometimes I skip the toner and go direct to using Moisturizers. I put BB cream before applying a thin and simple make up. During night time, i use my Iwhite Korea facial wash again, put on a toner and moisturizers with Aloe Vera ingredients from Nature's Republic. However, as they simply said, the best beauty regimen is drinking lots of water and sleeping at 10 in the evening and not staying up late.
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Everybody have different skin treatments depending on their skin type. I am aware that for me to be able to take care of my skin, I must have the basic understanding of the type of skin I am having, because I wouldn't want a situation whereby I am using a total different regimen for it that is not suitable for it.

My skin type is an oily skin. And since I was a kid, I have understood that oily skin has a lot of sebaceous gland on it --- skin cells responsible for producing oil. And because of the oily nature, the skin is highly susceptible to sweat. With this knowledge, I have been treating my skin accordingly in a matter that suits it, like taking bath twice in a day, and if possible thrice depending on the sweat on it.

Additionally, after bathing, I clean my skin with towel and apply moisturizer to keep it supple so that it doesn't get dried up. I am not in exforliating my skin, I just treat it naturally and like how it has turned out over the years.
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I use a sugar scrub on my face once or twice a week before I get in the shower. Once in the shower, I use a black pepper green tea scrub to get rid of pimples. After that, I put on lotion - if your skin is moist, the lotion is more easily absorbed, and it makes your skin so much smoother. Once a week, before the lotion step, I use a black coal nose mask to get the pimples off of there, and put on a tomato peel off face mask. All of these steps insure that I don't have many pimples, and my skin is always soft and smooth because of the lotion. You should also put on body lotion after getting out of the shower.

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