Best Solar Panel Cleaning Service in California,USA
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Solar panels don't need to be cleaned. Solar energy is a free energy but you need to invest for the materials to be used. It is the energy of the future! It is expensive today but worthy!
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If there is no dust in the nearest area, there is no construction work, then the solar panels can not be cleaned. But if they are very dusty, there is dirt on them, it is better to clean them, as a dirty surface reduces the efficiency of energy storage.
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Efficiency is one of the key advantage of solar panel cleaning. Solar panels that are clean will produce significantly more electricity than unclean ones. Yes, regular cleaning will likely help to extend its lifespan.

Ultimately, regular cleaning guarantees that you get the best potential return on your investment. 
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Panels accumulate dust/dirt, pollen, tree sap, etc. over time. Yes, occasional (maybe annual) hosing off or pro cleaning is recommended. If it's pollen, rain may do the job for you, but keep your eye on your panels. 

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I think it needs to be done to maintain its good quality. I am sure there are some easy ways to do it. Perhaps you can check them out on Google or YouTube.
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