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Do you visit local markets to shop for food stuff or do you prefer the supermarkets?
which one is healthier?

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Living on an island there isn't much choice for shopping. We have a few local Mom & Pops markets that are close to our home that we can go there to buy our bread each day or a few things we need such as rice or even dish soap. These types of markets don't offer us much of a variety for fruits and vegetables so we are forced to go to one of the larger markets here on the islands. We have 3 larger markets to choose from.

On the street, we have farmers and people who have fruit trees in their yard that set up a small table on the road to sell the fruit or veggies on. I normally will buy my fruit and veggies from these people and not from the markets near my home. I also make a trip to the town once a week to go to the local market to stock up on all kinds of veggies and fish for the week. I have plenty of fruit trees and coconut trees here at my home so I don't need to buy this.
Our local markets basically only sell fish and fresh fruits and veggies and it is so much cheaper to buy them there than in the larger markets on the islands.
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I always visit local markets markets when I want to shop for food stuff like raw items, vegetables and fruits. I seldom shop for those food items at supermarkets and stores. It is easier for me since I'm at close proximity to the market and I can get them at very affordable prices. Super stores have them over priced. What's more, I get farm fresh produce. 

They are healthier for me at the market than stores. Apart from inorganic fertilizers perhaps, I don't have to worry about chemicals that are put on them to keep them fresh while packaged before purchase like they do at the stores. The ones from the market where I buy are straight from the farm to the traders stall just like the one I visited yesterday. 

Local market 
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Supermarket commodities especially food stuffs are healthier than local markets. You'll find that in local shops some spoilt commodities like bread, cakes and milk are sold despite of the owner being aware just because he doesn't want any losses. This is contrary to supermarkets whereby you'll never find expired goods still on sale because they can incur the losses. Its not always about making profits at times we have to accept going to loss.
Also, I prefer shopping at supermarkets because there's a wide variety of goods  that you can choose from unlike in the case of local shops. Besides it's always self service and you can get to choose what you want and what you don't unlike in the case local shops. Finally with supermarkets their commodities are a little bit cheap because they buy goods at whole sale price which is usually cheap unlike local shops.
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If you talk about raw food and perishables, they are definitely cheaper at the market. Also, even stores can sell expired products too. I've witnessed where the food agency in my country sanctioned an entire store because they were repacking and selling expired products.
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When it comes to purchasing goods for my day to day life like groceries etc, I prefer ordering from supermarkets since almost all items  we need are available in one place. I go after quality as well as rates. Now a days, everything has become a business and all types of businesses are out to exploit the public either in quality or in rates.

Both the local markets as well as the supermarkets or malls are selling the same stuff. So, how can you say which one is good from your health point of view? The only difference I find is that in supermarkets, they supply everything in a neatly packed packets. That's all. So, it does not mean that products purchased from supermarkets are good for health and those items sold in local shops are bad.

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