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Do you often see actual beggars on the street to give alms to or do you have to go to charity organizations?
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I do if I think they are genuine. If a busker is playing music in the street then he is doing something to earn the money and I don't mind giving but there have been instances where a beggar has pretended to be homeless when I know he is not. He is just trying to raise enough money for drink or drugs so I won't give to a person I know is a fraud.

I also give to a charity called Doorway which is a local charity for the homeless where I live. It is a drop in centre where the needy can go to get a meal or take home some canned food. I don't mind giving to them because I know the food is being controlled by the charity and going to people who really need it. I hope that if I was ever down on my luck somewhere like this would help me. It must be terrible to out on the street and have nowhere to go,
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answered by LEGEND (6,011 points) 6 13 27
Yes! I  give alms to the poor and I see a lot of beggars on the street to give to. I admit that the economy of my country is in a terrible state. Many people are rendered homeless. They lack education, jobs and social amenities. I always try to give out what I have like food, clothing, and money. Other non governmental organizations also empower such people.

When I give alms  to the poor, I give it directly. I don't have to pass through any channels like groups and organizations because most times, these systems are corrupt and the things you donate do not reach the final hands. Even when the country recieves aid from foreign organisations for the poor, they are mostly siphoned by the government personnel and these poor people are still left to suffer.
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answered by LEGEND (6,395 points) 6 14 36
Every street has at least a beggar. At times I do give them some cash whenever I have. But I just realised that most people usually fake to have some physical complications in the name of getting help. In fact I know of someone who pretended and begged for years but later on he was known and was beaten thoroughly.This though has never demoralised me because am following the biblical teachings on this. For charity organisations, I don't have any but I won't hesitate to lend or help whenever I have something. Some time ago I used to visit those organisations but lately am not because we used to have a group but we parted. Anyway, blessed is that hand that gives than the one that receives.
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answered by VISIONARY (9,061 points) 5 21 52
In the past few years because of the economy here on the islands more people are migrating to the main island of Tahiti to look for work. However, work here on this island is limited and people don't have work. Therefore, the people from the outer islands are forced to stay on the streets if they don't have family here on the main island. These people live on the streets and will try everything they can to make money. They will try sculpting in wood, making baskets out of coconut tree leaves, or even brooms from the center of the coconut leaf. They try to sell them on the street so they can eat.

When I see this I can't help myself, I give money to them to help them out. However, they are proud people and don't want you to just hand them money. They will give you something in return. Many of the people I see on the streets right now are older people who children have taken their homes and retirement away from them. They basically have forced them off their land, out of their home, and left them on the street to die. It hurts to see this and when I do I offer what I can to help them out.
The last time I was in town, I was waiting for the bus. This young boy was digging in the trash and found some food a person threw away. He took it out of the trash and offered to share it with others as he sat there and ate. I was so sad when I saw this that I went across the street to buy this child some food so he didn't have to eat the food out of the trash.
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answered by LEGEND (6,086 points) 3 27 50
I saw an old lady in the rain. She can't find any place to stay in. I helped her to stay besides our company building to get her warm and bought her food. When it comes to giving alms to the poor, I leave it to Charity. I donate clothes and money for them, randomly. I do not give money to the food right there and then based on an experience. It was when I was a student. I thought that giving money to the poor is a nice thing. I gave a portion of my allowance to this poor little child, but he demanded to have all my money in my wallet. I was shocked and run fast. I even had the same experience with this poor grandpa on the rode. i left a food beside him and he throws it at me. He said that he don't need it, he needs my money. Because of those experience, I do not give them money. If I will donate something, i leave it to charity groups.
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answered by ELITE (3,008 points) 4 13 28
Helping those in needs is one of the core ways that we can get to living a better life which is all about making around us to be happy. I have been in the world and noticed that people are asking for help in one way or the other. There are ways that we can extend good things to others such as taking up a free course to teach them one skill or the other. Understanding the need to lend alms to those that are in any financial need and the good thing about that is you putting smiles on the faces of those ones.
Many of us can happily give out when we are in our places of worship which is not bad at all, but that shouldn't make us forget the need to always give to the poor out there and it may not be that you are that rich or wealthy, but having that ability to even give out clothes and things that you are not using any longer is another way that you can show kindness to those ones that don't have.

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