i recently see chapter 6 of "love, death and robots" and i was wondering what would happen if a super-inteligent being was born.

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This would be far from normal since the highest IQ ever recorded is only 200. If a person has 1000 iq he/she would far surpass the pinnacle of humans. He/she can memorize with just a glance and solve problems quickly. He may even solve the enigmas/ mysteries of the world. 
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Humans with 1000 IQ are regarded as super intelligent: near-perfect recall of images and language, super-fast thinking and calculation, powerful geometric visualization, and able to run multiple analyses at the same time.
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They would be able to can speak when they are 3 months old. They could recognize all kinds of colors when one is only 5 months old. They could read & recite pages of newspapers, booklets when they are 10 months old. They can do scientific experiments when one is 2 years old. They can recite 1 million digits of Pi from memory when they are only 3 years old.
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If it happens, perhaps we can have a vaccine that can be 100% effective to combat COVID-19 and its variants. I am not sure how long will take to reach that point, since we are still in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
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My GOD i can't even imagine that because that person will be like a mini GOD in human form, if such IQ is recorded he/she can even read our minds and predict the future.
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