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There are many people who're deeply spiritual persons, but are not religious at all. They're not bound by any customs. They do not find the need to follow a certain path to be close to the Supreme being. What do you think of that?smiley

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Hi. I am not a religious person but I do believe that there exists a higher being that oversees us all. 
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I think religion preaches about God and divinity but you don't have to be religious to believe in the supernatural. Religion teaches people how to follow certain doctrines to believe. 

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I personally think it is OK and also wonderful. I wasn't raised as a religious person at all. I never attended church or said a pray to God or even knew he existed until I was older. There are many people who find peace and happiness in the spiritual world and live a very happy content life. I for one was raised this way and still live this way today. My mother's side of the family is American Indian. I was taught the ways of her people when I was very young.

There is nothing wrong with believing that the spirits live among us today and they are there to help us. Before religion was brought to all parts of the world the people of America believed only in the spirits of the land, mountain, sky, rivers, and sea. This was so true for so many of the Pacific Island people too. They would pray to the spirits of the ocean to send them food and to keep their people safe when they went fishing. The spirits of war protected the men when they went into battle and the sky spirits sent down rain to water the lands and grow the crops.
These people had no idea about any God or one superior being until the Europeans decided to send out missionaries to all parts of the world and teach the word of the God. I can tell you first hand how it affected the people of the Pacific and especially the islands of Tahiti. The missionaries were cruel people who forced people to believe in their ways. They demanded that they give up their Maraea, their Tikis and all other forms of belief to follow in their footsteps. They even demanded that the people no longer wore their traditional closes and dressed like them. Here on the islands, it was peaceful and people lived in harmony without sickness or death from some illness. Once the missionaries invaded this land people got sicked and died. They were forced to cut their hair and dress like them.

Look what the white man did to the Indians and how the missionaries treated them. They stole their children and took them off to some school where they were forced to cut their hair and dress like these people. The families were torn apart and many of the men started drinking. They lost everything in the name of God. I personally don't find this so attractive and would rather have a spiritual belief in my life and not be forced to change who I am for a God when in reality this God is all around us in the spirits of the land today. Maybe if this never happened there wouldn't be so much war in the name of religion today.
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To  know a God in the right way is as good as being spiritual. There's isn't supposed to be any compulsion in religion. Funny how people hear religion and only refer to Christianity. There are other religious beliefs out there like Wiccan, Islam etc.
This is the kind of treatment that the white men did to my ancestors. Maltreated, forced their ways on them and shipped them for slavery never to return. If only some of them could trace their roots, they would be amazed.
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I would say I'm spiritual rather than religious because I do not believe in God as he is portrayed in the bible but I do believe there is something that guides and helps us through life. I must do because I speak to my dead parents all the time and ask for their guidance and find that comforting in a strange way.

My parents used to go to church when I was younger but stopped when I reached the age of 12. Religion was not discussed in our house so I suppose I formed my own opinions on whether God existed or not and although I read the bible I questioned its authenticity as I grew older.  I have been criticised for my opinions but I stand by them. I don't judge others if they have other ideas .. whatever it takes to get through life is fine by me;
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I think that is excellent as well. There are many ways to be deeply connected to something divine. I think it is bold and liberating  at the same time for such people not being bound by any prescribed belief. As long as it works for them and their ways isn't hurting anyone. In the end, there's something we all believe in. It could be life itself.

I'm a religious person and I think that for someone to be religious, they have to be deeply spiritual as well. I also believe in a lot of things that aren't written in the book but deep down in my soul they feel right and fulfilling. In my opinion, to be spiritual is to have a soul and conscience that you constantly do right by and fill with positivity regardless.
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I will say I am a spiritual person. I have a religion. I am a catholic. However, i am not always in church, but I prefer to be staying in the adoration chapel to talk to God, to thank him for the blessing he showered upon me and my family. I also bring my bible to read. Sometimes I bring my notebook and I write all of my prayers. I know God already know what I want. I am just waiting for him to give what is best for me. I  pray to talk to him. I pray because I want everything I am feeling to be gone. He said that I just need to give it all to him and he will do his best to save me. I rather talk to God than in church and be annoyed with some kids that are playing and making noises. It is hard for me to focus on listening to the Gospel so I write the Gospel instead and be at home reading the bible, reading the Gospel again. My relationship with God is strong. I have a strong faith that he is always by my side to I am a spiritual person.

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