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Can you suggest me some good ideas to make my pre-wedding photoshoot perfect and memorable?
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Photo shooting professionals can suggest you different ideas and methods for wedding and pre wedding events.

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My girlfriend was recently married and her photographer was excellent. Before the wedding, they sat down with the photographer and designed a photo shoot plan that would include the bride at the hotel with her friends preparing for the wedding. Here are a few ideas of what her photographer did for her.

  1. Photos were taken of the hotel room.
  2. The wedding dress was laid out and displayed on the bed.
  3. The gowns for the other girls were displayed on the bed.
  4. They took pictures of the shoes, flowers, and even makeup display.
  5. During the time they did her hair and make up the photos were taken.
  6. They had many pictures of her in her dress sitting on the bed and with her friends and other members of the wedding party.
  7. When she was getting in the car they had images of her.
  8. When she arrived to meet her new husband they captured some excellent shots of this and they were actually breathtaking to say the lease.
  9. They had images of the people around and getting ready to go to the Mayor's office where they were first married and then later on tot he church.

Your photographer should be able to sit down with the two of you and show you some examples and ideas that you can choose from that will make this day perfect. 

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