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What are some evergreen blog topic ideas that never lose interest on web?
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One topic I find is how to make money online. Another one is about blogging.
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You can also try to discuss love and relationship, many are interested in this topic including me.

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Topics related to money. New earning ways emerge everyday and people test them. Posting reviews help those people who are new to online earning before they decide whether to join the sites or not. Also the trending crypto currency for those who love investing in bitcoin or ether.
Also, another topic is about health and fitness. Even here in answeree you will realise that health and fitness section has a lot of discussions. People need health advises and there are lots of experts in that section.
Finally, another section is about love and relationship. Human beings enjoy talking about thing in which most of them have experience in and that's love. People tend to seek advises in order to make their relationship long lasting. Even here in this site you can check it out to prove.
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I suppose it's different for everyone. For me it's earning sites but some people are keen on gaming and those sites are always very popular. I have a friend who does very well on a fashion and beauty blog. I suppose there must be many people never get fed up with wanting to improve their appearance,

Music would also be a very popular topic. Who wouldn't want some kind of music in their life and I was surprised to find when I did some research that sex came up as one of the most googled topics both porn and people looking for advice. Technology is also a topic that people research frequently.

I think topics that everyone can relate to are most popular, those that human beings all have in common, problems in our personal lives, worries about health and diet.  All these topics are well searched and there is a list of the top ten topics which can be found online.
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I think topics only about making money never lose and it is always the talk of the town. I even looking for a thread or topics that discuss how to make money. Not all are legit though, so you better be careful. I wish when you find an online earning site you try to need to be careful and read some reviews first to join. Me, if the person inviting me to try a new sites that has an earning opportunity, I look at the person's reputation if he or she is telling the truth. I appreciate honest opinions about the site and this invites me to try the site myself. I think the second topic is about being healthy or losing weight. If the people discuss about losing weight, there are lots who want to ask question on how to do it. This boils down to inspiring others to do the same, I think.
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There are many interesting things in this world and if we are to make a list of them we will be having our whole day listings those things. But one of the interesting thing that never loses its discussion is about the mystery of this earth. Many people including me are very interested in this earth and on its own mysteries, there are many things that until now no one can explain how did it happen. Many unexplained occurrences have been listed in our history but up to now, the researchers are still having their hard time unveiling the truth about the unexplained occurrences here on earth. If you are to go deeper to the mystery of the earth you will learn that there are a lot of things we didn't know and there are a lot of things that are yet to unveil.
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  1. Anything to do with money: personal finances, investment, saving, extra income, etc. I think this one is self-explanatory.
  2. Business stuff: logistics, marketing, management, strategy, etc. Not the most exciting things in the world for most people, but that's how money is made.
  3. Health and fitness. We all want to stay healthy and in shape... but actually doing the work and research is a different matter altogether. Which is why this will always be in demand.
  4. Technology. This is a fast-moving field with tons of new apps and gadgets in the market every day. Tech aficionados want to know everything about their niches and brands of interest, stay up to date, and have some good flame wars to decide what's the best company/device/app/whatever.
  5. Politics. If you want interest and discussion, then this is exactly what you'll get with political commentary. Bonus points for particularly controversial topics. Not super advertiser-friendly, obviously.

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