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I think it is not allowed, as far as I know, you input Adsense in your own account or if know how to create your own app you can put Adsense on it too.
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That sounds a little sketchy. I'm not sure that would be approved, so be sure to check with the developers to make sure. You most likely won't be approved for FileHippo.

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This is a very tricky area and you more than likely won't be approved for a Google Adsense account on a file sharing site like FileHippo. On a free file sharing site like this one, there are too many files that are uploaded to these sites that will violate the terms and agreements of Google Adsense. You can't control what others upload to these sites. 

However, if you create your own download site and upload all the files yourself this one could be possible. However, you'll need to prove to Google that you have permission from all the books, files, films or whatever you want to offer on your site. When you use Google Adsense there are very strict terms and agreements that you must follow in order to qualify for this account. If you violate any of these terms or agreements then your account will be suspended and you'll lose the money in your account. 
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I want to assume you're referring to a website where visitors can simply search for applications or softwares to download. So yes, you can definitely apply for AdSense. AdSense program is intended for sites with the capabilities of drawing certain high amounts of traffic.

A software download site in my opinion has the potential of drawing more traffic than most websites or blogs. More visitors means more clicks and views, that also means more business for Google. Take softonic for example, the site is a complete download base site, you can find different forms of AdSense product on all pages of the site. If a download site violates any terms and conditions of AdSense policies, then sites like softonic wouldn't feature AdSense products.

By the way, there's also an alternative to the actual AdSense programs offered by Google itself for website or blogs who do not meet minimum AdSense requirements. It's kind of a YouTube program where you can opt to subscribe and have video boxes showing ads positioned anywhere on your site. You also earn on it just like AdSense.

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