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Can a person deal with loneliness by online activities? What all online places can we suggest to lonely people? What kind of topics does an lonely and elderly person like the most?
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It depends on how the person feels.If they get online and they're happy and it keeps there mind occupied.There are a lot of people on social media sites to text and talk to.There is YouTube shows and videos to watch.
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Online activities can really help those lonely people, but I also want to say that it is only an artificial happiness that online activities bring to us, especially to those who are looking for the deeper meaning of happiness.
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Yes and no, online activities can help in this regard when you doing something meaningful with the time spend online. But online activities can not help anyone from being lonely if the activities is not soul uplifting, instead they compound the loneliness with more complicated emotional and psychological problems like depression, anxiety, isolation etc. What can help one who is lonely is productive activities. Do something that would add value to your life and at the end of the day, you would be happy that you did.

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For a lonely, elderly person, I think online activities will come second. My first suggestion would be YouTube. Even if you don't have company, YouTube will keep you busy the whole day just watching movies. For online activities, I think joining twitter account can help much. I don't recommend Facebook its full dirty stuff.

Since you're after online activities I'll suggest you try mylot. Its such am awesome place and besides you can still make some little income from your chats. I have  seen other elderly people in that site. Its very enjoyable place to be and you're read good articles that will build you as a person.
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I think online activities will keep most of us busy, but we still need human interaction. The latter is necessary to have a healthy normal life. But lonely people can use the internet to interact with other people, and not to just distract themselves from the reality of them being lonely. They can go on Facebook and try to meet other people. There's MyLot which is a great community with friendly members that you can talk with about everything. Forums are also a great way to find like-minded people, and that will definitely help in making friends that share the same interests as you. Twitter is also great for interacting with others.

For the topics they'd be interested in, I think elderly people would like to talk about and criticize the younger generation and compare it to their own glory days. And from my own experience, most elderly people that I know have all generated their own philosophy and different explanations about life, death, and god. So asking them about one of those might get them to start a good conversation with you. They also like to talk about their amazing, beautiful, smart and innocent grandchildren.
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Absolutely, for those who can't get out and about, perhaps because of a disability, it must be a lifeline. On MyLot there was a lady in her 90s  who used to post although she stopped when she fell and went into a home. Her son came online to  tell us as he knew we would all be worried.

There are times when I actually prefer my online world to being out in the real world. There is something to be said for being able to control whether you switch a computer on or off whereas in the real world we often have to tolerate people and places we would rather not! I never feel lonely when I am on my computer chatting to diffrent people either on social media or forums.

The only thing with the elderly is they are often not able to handle a computer either through memory problems or physical disability like arthritis in the fingers. My mum is gone now but she would never have been able to work on a computer especially after she reached her eighties.
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I do believe it avoids you for being lonely because from personal experience, I was lonely before and I decided to waste my time working in a forum. I enjoyed different topics and it gives me a certain good vibes after it. However, before going to bed, i again remember I have a problem that leads me to over think and lose sleep. It can help you to forget a problem because it keeps you busy. Once your brain is occupied you started to forget about it, yet once you close your mobile or keep your laptop, the pain will start again. Actually, being lonely is a decision. If you decided to be affected with what is happening to you, good or bad, then you decided to put on emotion to it. Remember, every day that we wake up, we decide for what we do and what we need to do is a good decision to go far.
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Online activities can definitely help you in coping with loneliness provided that you carefully choose your activities. For instance, if you intend to dedicate most of your time to social media such as Facebook, you need to avoid contents that may trigger loneliness. You then may opt to reading blogs that interests you or watch funny videos.

Based on experience, I try to distract myself by browsing the internet about the new things I intend to learn such as new techniques in art, sketching, paper folding, photoshop, best places to travel or movies to watch. Online games are also a great way to deal with loneliness. You may choose whatever you think fits you.

I have a one living grandmother and she is 73 years old. She likes talking about her past experiences especially comparing the new generation with hers. She tends to be more philosophical most of the time. We do talk a lot about life, death, culture, norms, etc. She also likes hearing about stories about my experiences. I think it does not matter much about what interests them, for elderly people, the most important thing is communicating with them regularly or visiting them whenever you have the time.
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Yes, it does because I can totally relate with this,when once everyone is out and I'm in no mood to step out,what keeps me going is the internet and I never get bored with it because there a lot I can do online.

I work online so it takes so much of my time and makes me forget I'm even alone because I even enjoy working that way.

I browse a lot and research about things a lot which takes so much of my time.So one can engage in surfing the net to keep loneliness away.

The big one  is chatting. One can spend ample time chatting online either on the social media or other chatting platforms.

Watching videos online can be fun too especially on YouTube.
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It all depends on what you consider as lonely. Little or no interaction with people is like a thing for me, pardon me for am one very deep introvert, so I don't classify a converse state as being physically occupied. Loneliness is literally when am idol and not engaging myself in any activity.

Drawing from the above, I can clearly state that executing task and participating in online activities definitely qualifies as unlonely for me.

Going back to the premise of this subject, they're quiet a lot recommendations I can suggest to the interest of elderly people which might keep them occupied. But first, we need to ascertain their likes and dislikes.

I came across a study not too long ago which showed that younger people believe they have a long life ahead of them so they prefer extraordinary experiences outside the realm of our day-to-day activites. Older people on the other hand know their time is limited so they put more value on ordinary experiences, the stuffs of which our daily lives are made. At this point, my recommendation will be humor drawing from this study. I believe almost every elderly person will appreciate sites that revolves around humor.
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I strongly agree with this. I believe online activities could really help those people who are being lonely because in online activities you can do a lot of things which can entertain you. You can talk to different kind of people and even find a group of people having your same interest. Online activities help people to get rid of the boredom that's why there are these social media platform so that we can reach people even if we are not in the same country or places. It is a really big help to make us happy and get relaxed with all of our daily stress in our life. Also, there are lots of games where you can play anytime you want, and what's more it is free to play, for those who are love to play games with others it is very possible to do it online.
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In some cases, I'd say yes and in other cases, I'd say no. After my father died my mom was alone and I think she was lonely. She started off playing card games on her computer. After some friends invited her to join them online and play as a group. She got so hooked on this that she spent all her waking time online playing games in a group with some people she met online. Basically, all she cared about was waking up in the morning, making her coffee, and running off to the computer to meet her friends online. After a time she realized that she was still lonely because nobody talked to her when she was there. All people would do is join together to play a game. There were no physical conversations in this and basically people would only message you if they wanted you to join a new game.
In the end, she realized she was still lonely because people don't actually talk to you. You can find people on FB who can video call you, but you don't know these people and you still feel empty and lonely talking with them. So my answer would be no. You can't stop loneliness from being online. You actually need a real person to talk with to help you out.

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