Does a haircut change your face or your appearance? Appearance and face are not necessarily the same. They are different variables. Probably, you may be right about your point. 
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Depending on your face shape, specific hairstyles will make your appearance change, Hair is an attribute that influences the perception of attractiveness, emphasize your facial features and balance out your face. An amazing hairstyle can change your overall look from head to toe. Your hairstyle can have a huge impact on your appearance.

Our hairstyles give a glimpse into the personality behind the style. If you are feeling the need for a change it is simply a matter of going to the salon to find a new way to express yourself. A person will change her haircut many times during her life which can be signs of her ever-evolving personality and focus in life
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So when you keep your hair uncut for a long time, people become well familiar your that specific face. the moment you cut your hair, suddenly that unique face  you have kept for long will change in the eyes of those who are familiar with your previous face. 
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At some point, the facial appearance will change once one's haircut. It will make someone's face brighter when having short hair.
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Some hair cut can change your look. If it was diana cut or mushroom cut. If you cut the hair to bowel cut or bob cut , the face get changed.
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Yes, I change my look when I have a haircut mostly my face. I have a round face that's why I look slimmer with brushed up hair because it makes my face longer. I look older when I'm having a long hair.
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