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By the term fastest moving do you mean a speedy action movement or fast moving from one place to another?


If you're into a question about a fast movement of the whole body from one place to another then a Peregrine Falcon will be the winner. This kind of Falcon has a top speed of 390 km/hr on free falling. 



Of course, a Marlin sailfish and cheetah are also there to compete. But when it comes to acceleration a cheetah will be far behind. Cheetah's acceleration is a bit lame and its top speed of 120 km/hr will be achieved only for one or two seconds. A marlin sailfish also has a peak speed of 110 km/hr but nowhere near to the falcon.


If you are asking about the fastest action by a creature then a termite can win any creature hands down. Ants are the next close to termites for their fastest movement.


Anyway, my vote is for ants wink

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Its Cheetah that's what I learned from my school
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Cheetah is still known as the fastest moving mammal in the world.
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From research I will want to go with pronghorn Antelope. This is a specie of mammal that is mostly seen in western and central north America.

It is recorded to have about a speed limit of 98km/h and it can run faster because it has two long cushioned pointed toes which enable it absorbed all shock while on the run. It has a height of about 80-100cm that really huge.

This animal does not only run fast but also go long and it can outrun even the cheetah in this area. It is recorded that cheetah can do more of sprint but wouldn't go more than 600 yards but pronghorn can go even longer.

Well,this is my personal analysis for my own option of the fastest creature.
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According to National Geographic, Acinonyx jubatus or commonly known as cheetahs are still considered as the fastest moving animal on earth. They can go from 0 to 60 miles an hour in just three seconds. Cheetahs have an average life span of 10-12 years and are typically found in the wild in the eastern and southwestern African regions. Unfortunately, populations of cheetahs are highly under pressure as the wide-open grasslands are continuously being degraded and converted into other land uses.

On the other hand, in marine ecosystems, sailfish are considered the fastest, which have been known to reach speed of about 60 mph when they breach the waves.

In another article, gyrfalcon named Kumpan was found to accelerate in speeds between approximately 116 - 129 mph after free-falling from a height of 500 meters.

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