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By the term fastest moving do you mean a speedy action movement or fast moving from one place to another? If you're into a question about a fast movement of the whole body from one place to another then a Peregrine Falcon will be the winner. This kind of Falcon has a top speed of 390 km/hr on free falling. 

Of course, a Marlin sailfish and cheetah is also there to compete. But when it comes to acceleration a cheetah will be far behind. Cheetah's acceleration is a bit lame and its top speed of 120 km/hr will be achieved only for one or two seconds. A marlin sailfish also has a peak speed of 110 km/hr but nowhere near to the falcon.

If you are asking about the fastest action by a creature then a termite can win any creature hands down. Ants are the next close to termites for their fastest movement. See more about animal movement research here on

Anyway, my vote is for ants wink

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Its Cheetah that's what I learned from my school
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Cheetah is still known as the fastest moving mammal in the world.

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