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The satellite use to scan the earth and that is the reason why we map of the world.
If you are not aware of alien invasion, it's part of the reason why the satellite is set up in the outer space to detect any such occurrence. 

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Satellites also use :-

A.) Civilian:-

1.observation (mapping, weather, forest cover, snow cover, ocean and earth temperature, pollution, urban development, etc.); Telescopes in different wavelengths, and transmitting 2.communication relays (Telecommunications, TV signals, etc.)

3.GPS. Living & experimentation: e.g. SpaceLab, ISS, teporary satellites such asT

5. Tracking of Aircrafts and ships (e.g. INMARSAT)

B) Defence  :- above: Recon, Communiction, GPS

2.launching attacks on other satellites (has been tested by US and China)

3.command and control

4.launching laser based defense (or attacks)

C) Near future:-

1.launchpoint for future missions (especially to the ones for Mars)

2.reflection of comets heading towards Earth

D) Distant future:- Gravity & Cryogenic manufacturing of special materials

2.launching missile attacks (pretty expensive, as compared to Earth based strikes)

2.commercial exploitation of comets - currently very expensive, and don’t know useful minerals that could be mined effectively from known comets

3.source of Energy -  microwaves to Earth safely is not an easy problem to solve, Sun energy .
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When it comes to technological development or advancement, the invention of satellite is the climax of intelligence gathering because with the use of satellite technology, the world is fully equipped to run all manner of surveillance system software that is capable of protecting and helping the world fight whatever opposition that might come up in the future whether it's human threat or alien threat.

Take it or leave it, aliens do very well exist and it's with the use of satellite positioned in the outer space of the world planet that man get to use and monitor whatever happens.
The world's technology would never be the same without the invention of satellite technology. All the advancements in all the human fields would never be possible without the satellite.
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Satellites on space has enormous benefits, from weather monitoring to communication are all benefits of satellite. Some live events are transmitted through satellites to viewers all over the world, phone communication is another technology that depends on satellite transmission. 
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The satellite can be used to see the whole earth and any impeding danger such as of terrorist attack, distances of places and maps. It's useful. 
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Yes, we do need satellites in outer space because it helps collect more data, more quickly, than instruments on the ground. Satellites also can see into space better than telescopes at the earth's surface.
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Satellites have the ability to collect more data, more quickly than instruments on the ground and allow them to see large areas of the earth. Without satellite, we cant use cellular phone calls, we wouldn't longer have access to such a wide variety of channels. It is really necessary for satellites to be used for hundreds of operations like weather forecasting, TV signal, the Internet, and GPS.
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There are many things that change our perspective on seeing space. Thanks to the satellite. but so many disadvantages because of debris that put the life at risk of astronauts living in the ISS
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Yes we need them The reason is that we live in space on our planet Earth but we also know the fact that we also have other planets and galaxies around us. So in order to know about the other planets and galaxies and discover about the whole universe we need to have satellites and different space stations in space. They collect, organize and arrange data and make us aware of about what's going on in the surroundigs.
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