What gift can you buy for a friend that does not cost much? How can you give the gift to that person in a special way? Am not good and giving gifts that's why am asking.
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You can buy bracelets or any other hand made craft that the person can wear. You can also buy them clothing items. It can either be costly or cheap but yeah there are inexpensive clothing items you can buy. Just make sure you get a good looking cloth the person would like
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You could buy him like a dress or something that is cheap and which is not that expensive oh you could make him like do it yourself project or I don't know something it is not necessary it has to be expensive it is just important that the gift is something special and not expensive
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First you must know  what he love the most

Orr give him a necessary thing in life like perfum it's not that expensive he willl love it I'm sure
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It will sound corny if I can just give true friend forever. I think it is the most expensive relationship to give to a dear friend. That's the best gift for me.
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First you should know what they like and what they dislike ,if you know this things become easier , if they like handmade items you can buy them or made it by yourself.handmade items will be special and unique .or if they don't like handmade items just buy it according to what is the occasion.make it simple and buy something they will use or keep as decoration in their home or if it is for one person make something that they like and will keep as memory.

Gift is not about price it is about meaning.
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Gift can be things, nice words, or even a wish. Have a coffee time and hide inside a cake a ring or eating or flower. It can be also in a balloon. The gift can be kept in the flower bouquet too.kept in car or bag without the person know lodge. It will be a surprise for the friend.
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