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To help them grow with technology, I would say.

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In my country, smartphones is a necessities. Although I am aware that everyone, including the kids are addicted to playing games through their smart phones, I do believe that it is still the way for communication of parents to their child. If I can give my future child a smartphones, I would want to explain first why it is important to have. I will explain to my child that it will serve as our communication just in case they want to talk about their problems at school, they need to tell me something or they want me to do something for them. It will keep me updated of what is happening to my child. It is good that the teacher will confiscate the mobile phones if they see that the student is not following rules about using mobile but they need to return the phone before they go home.
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First reason would be, so that the kid doesn't feel outdated. Kids love having what other kids have and if you don't provide them with, them there will be some consequences.

Besides,smartphones can make th busy because they can play games otherwise they might engage in other weird activities like drug abuse among other. Although some phone games might end up spoiling them and can make them addicted. But then, I prefer it's better for kids to be addicted playing phone games other than being addicted to drugs.

Finally, some kids are cleaver and might use them smartphones for reading purposes. There are a lot things a kid can learn using a smartphone for example writing good says and other science related research for their homeworks.
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Smartphones have come to stay as it is one of the best ways that you can communicate with people around the globe via social media and other means and this is one thing that has made most people port to using a smartphone instead of having an ordinary number that doesn't give one most of those features. One of the reasons that would make me to get a smartphone for my kid is to assist the education pursuit of the kid.
The thing is that having a smart phone can enable such kid to download some useful apps that is going to be of great help when we are talking about them becoming better on the studies . I couldn't have a smartphone while I was a student since my parents couldn't afford it, but it doesn't stop me from understanding how importance of having one.
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I'm of the school of thought that we shouldn't limit our kids especially when it comes to technology but the watchword should be supervision. Don't restrict a child but supervise their activities with whatever you leave with them.

I advocate getting a smart phone for a child ,there's absolutely nothing wrong with that but the problems lies with not monitoring or supervising to know what they child is doing with the phone. Better still get a phone for the child with just the option of receiving calls, no texting and no internet connection.

Giving a smartphone to a child enable communication with the child at all times, educational games on the phone can help educate the child and the child can learn the use of smartphone early enough.
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My granddaughter is 11 and has had a smartphone since she was 9. She has always looked after it and it has saved me many anxious moments because I can always contact her if I am worried about where she is. Many people think it is bad for a child to have a phone because they do not spend enough time out playing with their friends but I haven't found this so far. She goes out to play most days and has plenty of friends who come round for her.

If a child is spending all his/her time on a smartphone then I think a parent is right to be concerned but personally I think it is a great idea when a child is away from the home for them to be able to contact an adult in times of need. She was never allowed to have one at primary school but next week she starts senior school where they are allowed to have them and will be able to contact me whenever there is a problem.
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Personally, If I want to get my kid a smart phone it would be only for one reason, that is for him to get acquainted with the basic operations of the device, hence improving his technological knowledge. But anything apart this, I don't see the reason I should give a smart phone to my kid.
Considering how the web space is saturated with so much negativity, I would be the last parent to give a smart phone to my child. It is also appalling how children of now nowadays are more interested in things that would not add value to their lives than things that would better there futures.
The distractions from social media alone is not healthy for their cognitive development. The effects of all these things make it quite difficult for them to remain focus, which consequently would affect their overall performance in their academics.

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