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How Sunday became weekend instead of the first day, in spite of being the first day in calendars?
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From what I know in school, Sunday is the start of the week. I think it is just established as part of the weekend since regularly or normally we do not have work during Sunday. On th 7th day, in the bible, God rested from creating the world. On the 7th day, which is Sunday, everyone should take a rest and also visits church to hear the Gospel of the Lord. Even when I am growing old, and starting working, everyone told me that it is the start of the week. It is regard only as weekend because we do not work. I should assume the first day of the weekend, the first day of every week and so on. Weekend is the most calming part of the week and Sunday is the blessed ones for Catholics and other religions. Sunday is the least favorite of mine because I always think that this is the start of the stressful day at work.
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Weekend is a holiday  set aside to rest before resuming to work. How Sunday came to become a weekend traces back to the Bible. Initially, God set aside Saturday as the seventh day of the week and set it aside as a day to rest. Sunday came through the book of Revelation.  Am not exactly sure how to call it but there was this horn that emerged from no where and was trying to compromise all the rules set by God and it changed and made Sunday a sabbath day other than Saturday. Those people that couldn't cope with the results and rather tried to fight against were perished.

With the confusion of Sunday and Saturday being the resting days, they were both selected to be days when there should be no work. That's how Sunday ended up being a weekend.
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One important aspect of human life is the ability to adjust to things that happen on a daily basis. To me,  I think there is still confusion over whether we are going to pick Sunday as being the first day of the the week or go with Monday being the day. However, there is something that is important which we should always try to get when we are looking at the reason people take Sunday as a weekend and it is because it is the day that is closest to Saturday when we count from the first working day of the week which is Monday.
Most people will always want to relax at home on a Sunday as that is a day when there is no working hours for those that are in the government work as well as some people that are into the private sector. So, this general reason of  the day being a workfree day classifies it as a day that we pick to relax from the hustles of the week.
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Sunday is part of the weekend apart from Friday and Saturday. It's also recognized as the first day of the week despite Monday being the official working day of the week.

Sunday according to the Christian calendar it's the sabbath day that must be observed as such. It is a day that the Christians were instructed to keep holy. That it's a day that must be set aside from any form of hard labour but to rest after week long of stressful activities.

Sunday is a very strategic day of the week that not only round up the weekend but gives equal opportunity to everyone to rest and prepare for the week ahead including those doing their business on Saturdays. Sundays are important for everyone both the Christians and Muslims alike that is why government offices don't open on that day.
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I think that this depends on the country. Not all countries consider Sunday as the first day of the week. Some pick Monday as the first day. As relative as it is that Sunday is a resting Day, some still work on Sundays. The major religion and culture of a country can determine this.
Just like Sunday has been adopted as a resting day in relation to how God rested and the seventh day being Sunday, some Muslim countries actually start their weekends from Thursday or Friday since they also have to worship on Fridays.Sunday is a working day for them. Some have it from Friday till Sunday. So even thouthough it is relative, it still differs from place to place.
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If we are talking about on how Sunday became weekend in religious approach, it is simply because God is the one who set it. God said that Sabbath day is the rest day which falls either on Saturday or Sunday and that's how it became weekend. Now in worldly or legally approach, I believe that it is the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) who decreed that Monday shall be the first week of the week, meaning that Sunday officially becomes a weekend day. But for some countries like in the Middle East, they considered Saturday as the start of the week and in Australia, Sunday is considered as the first day of the week I would say that it varies, depending on what country you are living.
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Sunday is the rest day in most of the western countries and part of a weekend. For more observant Christians, sunday is observed as a day of worship and rest. In some countries china and Israel, Sunday is the first work day of the week. 
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