What do you love more, cats or dogs?
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Dogs! Their cuter and smart! Some dogs understand things it's Amazing. Also makes owners or dog walkers take them out for walk! More mannered than cats in my opinion. I don't have either.
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I prefer cats but I also like some special breed of dogs. Stories of dogs biting owners scares me a lot so I am very careful with dogs. Cats are more friendly and they keep the rodents away from the house. 
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Cats. Dogs are too needy and high maintenance. Always slobbering in your face. Need 'walkies' multiple times a day. Need a bath every week or two, and you have to fight them like a child to do it. Loud with the barking/whining. Dogs are for them that are also too needy, or require protection (or at least need backup in a fight). I don't need any of that!
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I love cats and dogs both equally and would love to pet them both but if I was given only one choice then I would  pick dogs because they are soo cute and also in my opinion smarter than cats. I think I would be a really cool owner because I love to play with my best friend's dog and love to take him out on walk. I don't really have much experience with cats so I can't say the same for them.
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It is a very tricky question but i would answer it faithfully.I like and love dogs more than cats.The reason is dogs are more faithful and loyal and more trustworthy than cats.on most of the situations.
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Cat is also faithful, they will catch mouse,rat,lizards on the house. Cats have a keen eye. Its eye will shine on night. It is loveable and kind too.
But I didn't like to allow them inside the house or to look or take care of them. They are very dangerous and cunning.i didn't like to have any pets.
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Before, I only prefer dogs over cats. It changed my mind when I had a black cat before. A clingy and loyal black cat Shadow. Unfortunately, I lost him 2 years back. Thus, I prefer to have both.
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I do prefer dogs to cats . Dogs are easier to train and help in security purposes, dogs can also help in giving company such as playing games unlike cats 
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I prefer cats to dogs.Dogs have to be taught sime behaviors  but cats are very smart and do not necessarily need any classes.Dogs can sometime be hectic especially if they poo in the house.The cats poo can not be seen possibly because they know how to remain tidy.
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I prefer Dogs if I have to specifically choose between dogs or a cat . Dogs can be good guards , and I don't have to worry about it running away from home 
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I didn't like cat or dog. So I prefer not to have anyone. I like birds, but there is a chance of bitting. So I hate to have any pets.
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I like dogs over cats . They are above cats hierarchy vise . They are smart also and more sensitive . They are loyal also to their owner. 
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I prefer dogs over cats, I am just not fond of cats. I believe dogs are much more expressive and easily establish bonds with humans, they are super expressive when it comes to love.
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It’s dogs for me, I can relate with the more. I will easily pick dogs over cats any given day. I believe to each their own as long as they are happy with their choice 
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