How do you like to be comforted when you're sad or upset?
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When you are uncomfortable, try to change your way of thinking to think of something else that you like ،When you think about fun and wonderful things, your brain changes the negative caric to positive. You must return yourself to think about beautiful things.
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I like to be with my dog or maybe my family but my dogs are my babies and they know when a person is sad or depressed they are good for being sad 
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I would love to talk to someone and share my feeling. Sometimes I might try to do different things to forget how bad I am feeling or I might ask for a warm hug from my significant other to help comfort myself from no matter how sad or upset I am.
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it is the tendency of every human being to be supported by another when they are in depression or sad mood.Usually a person get comfort by sharing his pain or agony with another,no matter what may be the outcome.
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Via kind of silent but gentle treatment.. A person who comforts me don't have to repeat numerous times "it's OK".. Just like one or two times, then I rather have a conversation away from what saddened me.Take my mind of it and fill it something positive or funny. 
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I could like to tell my sorrow to my mother. After that I feel great relief. I will get a solution or words that calm my mind will get from her.
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I speak to my family and also listen to my favorite music . It helps calm my nerves. I do also walk down the beach and listen to the waves they give me peace 
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I just need to find time to be alone and reflect on things on my own. Once I am ready, I will open up to the most trusted soul/s in my life.
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I like people who tell me to take a break out of my normal activities. I prefer being approached personally rather than being consoled in public.This make me feel calm and can share my grieves
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I agree with your opinion. It is uncomfortable to be in such a situation in public. It is not my personality to broadcast about my life.
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I don't want to be told that I will be ok.  I want somebody to talk to me like nothing happened. Make me laugh, hug me, just talk to me. Suggest a fun activity we can do. Let's just move away from the issue at hand. I find dwelling on an issue to just make the issue worse.
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