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The main character is in her senior year. (of high school) She is obsessed with flight and has been for a while. No one knows of this obsession including family. She is known for being smart and is expected to go to a well known college/university and get a good job. She has other plans with life and it will involve flight. The story isn’t super realistic, as I know most people who join the Air Force don’t end up flying.
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Am going to use Tea as the name of the character. 

You would always find Tea faced down to a book or her smartphone. At home, she'd spend hours on the computer missing important events happening around her. For a teen in her senior high, you'd think it was a hubby or she was probably obsessed with the media like other kids. But no, it was more than just a hubby, Tea had a thing for flight. Those hours on the computer were spent on flight simulations, while the books gave her more knowledge on flight. She was definitely going to be pilot. 

7 or more years later

This is not one of those success stories. Tea was nowhere close to achieving her dream of being a pilot. Immediately after high school, he parents sent her to college so she could get a fine degree and take over the family business someday. Her parents were stiff, up scale kind of folks who had so much expectations from Tea. Being the only child, she had no choice but to make her parents happy. 

Today was one of many days Tea felt depressed. She was on her way to the airport on a business trip to a small nation island. Tea had no idea that her life was about to change forever.............. 

......... I was thinking maybe some kind of fight or battle broke out in the nation where Tea had a business dealing with some other foreigners. They were left to struggle and find a way home after so much suffering. Their only chance was to fly the last plane they found in a private hanger but the pilot in their group got injured and died before the plane took off. Tea was left with no choice but to fly the plane with her high school days experience on flight. It didn't go smoothly but she manged it and saved a lot of people too flying them back home. 

Didn't know to explain in details my idea so I thought to do a little short story, or so. Hoping you get the idea. 

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If you want to add a good twist to the book I would let her go to aviation school where she can excel and become the best at what she wants to do. She might not end up flying in the end, but could go off and become someone famous. You can also add another twist to this book that once she graduates school and to go on and design a super airplane that she enlists in the Air Force to head up the aviation school there. She can become a flight instructor and learn how to fly at the same time.
This person could do great things like design the best flight simulator of all times, help to design a new fighter plane with her experiences she has gained from school and the Air Force. But before joining the Air Force I would suggest that she goes to aviation school first and gets some knowledge behind her about flight and how it all works. Then she can go on to be famous.
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Thank you for the help!

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