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myLot is one of the best paid to post forum sites that I joined. I love being there. You will get paid through interactions. They pay through PayPal with the minimum payout of $5 .
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Dont trust myLot. I joined last year.After 10 days. I cannot able to login my account. I gave forgot password and tried. They show me as a Invalid user.
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Have you tried joining MyLot? if you want fast earning money I think MyLot is not suited for you, It is very hard to earn in MyLot.
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I never heard about MylOt until I joined here on Answeree and discover more about it on forums.

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answered by LEGEND (6,394 points) 6 14 36
I came about mylot some time last year through bmf when I had just commenced my online jobs. By then I wanted a fast earning site that could give me at least $1 weekly. The reviews I got there weren't motivating me at all. Someone could post that it will take one months before making $5 which was the minimum threshold. Something funny about these people giving reviews was, they were still working there and yet they give demoralising reviews. I later on opted I won't try out mylot.

Come this year July, all the sites I was working with went down like mgf while I had to quit others in one reason or another. The only site I was working with was FC and was very slow as most know. I then opted to try out my lot. To my surprise, I got a totally different site compared to the one I was seeing in the reviews. Despite of the slow earning way, I really enjoyed working on mylot because people post interesting stories and articles. These usually keep me busy alot although am currently on a break in that site because of limited time.

What I learnt is that you should never believe all the reviews that you read. Some are ever demoralising and you can never learn anything from them unless you go ahead and test it yourself.
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answered by Patron (1,914 points) 3 6 16
I was on it long ago. Then it suddenly stopped paying and abruptly closed down one day without assigning any reason. They again, one fine morning, it resurrected itself  and came on the scene. The new avatar of the mylot is very attractive and interesting. But, what is the use? Its payment system is not in conformity with the site's appearance.

I joined in its new version too when it again came up on the scene to try my luck for the pittance they give. Soon, I was disappointed and now I am not participating regularly. Why? It is a very slow earning site. Even though your earnings are updated every one hour, what you get is only broken peanuts for the time and efforts you devote on the site.
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answered by LEGEND (6,086 points) 3 27 50
I started discovering Mylot, the old platform, year 2005. During those times, I am only reading about discussions and observing the site. I started registering on the site, year 2006. I got paid after a year because maybe I made a mistake in my response to discussion and I don't know how the site rate the response. It pays to be active on Mylot. After a year, I able to met people that will help me to earn good at there and I began earning more than the minimum, the rest is history. I even registered to the new platform but since it came back, I haven't been there because I already found the site that I can work with focus and be earning good. Mylot is my first online site that is why I have high respect to the site. They lowered the minimum and when you are active you can reach that in a month or lesser.
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answered by VISIONARY (9,059 points) 5 21 51
I still have an active account on MyLot. It is similar to a Q & A site, a weblog, and a personal blog. You are expected to write up discussions and put them up on the site. If people like they will read them and leave you a response. Only if a person responds to this discussion will you earn anything from this site. You'll never earn anything for writing or even answering a person's discussion. You are only paid on the reactions or interactions of another member from this site. It is a long hard road to make $5 a month from this site and there are some members who've been there for years. I know one member and he feels like it is his personal duty to control and police this site. He tries hard to keep the community clean, but I feel he does go a bit far.
Recently or maybe it was last year because I haven't been on there for so long, a lot of people quit the site due to spam and redirects. They had a lot of attacks on the site and people lost confidence in this site and left. They were always being redirected to porn sites or malware site. They got tired of asking the company to fix this and the company never did.
This is a site more for fun and not really for earning if this is what you want. This site will take up so much of your time and in the end you'll have a few cents to show for all the time and effort you put forth on the site to earn from it.
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I joined MyLot 3 years ago.  If you ask me where the time went, I'll tell you I don't know.  But it has been time well spent.  The story behind MyLot is that it was, then it wasn't and now it is.  I was directed to MyLot by a friend in another social blogging community.  I don't know the history of MyLot.  But I do know that old members who were there in the beginning have returned.  The owners did not delete their profiles or posts.  Many of them picked back up where they left off.  To me that indicates that they probably would have never left the site in the first place.  My own experience has been off and on.  I was happy MyLotting but then I found other sites that paid quicker.  MyLot was put on a back burner for a while.  But then a friend convinced me to go back and get active again.  I like it there.  The members are nice.  The owners are nice and respond to your questions.  You can write about almost anything.  I use it for my random thoughts and sort of like a journal or diary.  It's a fun way to earn extra income.  The low cash out of $5 is great and they use PayPal.  Also, people in China can access MyLot.  They can't access Facebook.  But they can join MyLot.  I think that's cool! smiley

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answered by LEGEND (6,021 points) 6 13 26

I joined my lot about a year ago. When I first registered there, I wanted to earn money fast but it was terribly slow and it wasn't giving me what I wanted. So I quit the site for a very long time until two months ago. Now I visit the site often and I enjoy the interesting interactions that goes down there. I love how it is like a personal blog for you to share your writing.

What I have come to deduce is that although there are people who earn well there, if you are looking to earn quick money, mylot isn't for your. You only get paid based on the interaction of people on your posts. This could be really slow and may take a while. I love to interact there now and still I have never cashed out.
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answered by VISIONARY (9,009 points) 7 17 68
Yes,I'm already on Mylot and it really a legit site I have been paid severally by the site but it is a hyper slow site' and worse with the fact that we can only make money through others ,so if nobody interact with you,then no money for you.

Sometimes people try to be controversial there to get some interaction but I love most topics there just like here to learn from others experiences and lessons.

I have always been lucky to reach the minimum cash out monthly but last month I was a lot busy so wouldn't be cashing out till next month.

Mylot needs chatter birds  because one really needs to be good with interactions to earn there monthly.
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answered by ELITE (4,082 points) 7 26 72
I have been a member of MyLot for some time and been paid on a number of occasions. It's more of a social network site than a forum;  I've had some great conversations with people there and got to know them quite well but it is very time consuming which is why I am giving it a break at the moment.

Many people think you get paid from the work you do but you actually get paid from other people's interaction so it's important that you keep chatting to them so that they will reply to what you write.

You get paid automatically once you reach $5 but if you want to go for a bigger payment just take your paypal email out of your settings until you reach the amount you would like to be paid. They have been around a long time and are a legitimate site.
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Yes, I know myLot and I am also a member of that website. Unfortunately, I'm not very active on the said website. MyLot is a website where you can earn just by asking and do conversations with other members, but it is very hard to earn on that website. In myLot you should have to be friendly and to befriended by the other. In fact, you should have more friends and members to follow on that website so whenever you are asking a question you can expect that many will answer and respond to it. It is not good to go there and just keep on asking because many will not answer your question which will lead you to earn harder and slower.
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I have been in myLot when it was still old format. I did have fun asking questions on the site and many answered back. Some really give good answers. Then it was change into a new format. I notice many members are gone after the change and the earnings become even slower. Now I find the place boring and only popular members got more responses. I struggle to earn $5 there a month but it is possible. But you have to be active to be paid monthly. It's a good place to hang out and interact with people from different parts of the world. I have fun but it is like work for me. Now I struggle what topic to discuss. They use to have article writing gig and I easily earn$2.5 per article. I really miss those times. Now I have no laptop I find it hard to use it using smartphone. So I left mylot

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