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I have different social media accounts and one of my favorite social media account is my Facebook messenger because I can communicate with my love ones through it.
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I have Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, Telegram, WhatsApp. Most of all I like Instagram. There you can find a lot of useful information. For my work I use different topics on Facebook.
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Facebook is the first social media accounts in my life. Day by day I'm engaged with facebook in few days. After 3 or 4 years I open Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, WhatsApp,,, Imo, Vaddo,, Quora etc. For me Quora is my favorite social media nowadays.

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I am using Facebook for a long time. Still i like it very much. I am not using whatsapp, instagram etc. ONLY facebook is my favourite. Because i can get friend all around the world. Its trusted too. Not much disadvantages like whatsapp in my point of view. So facebook messenger is also good one.we can use video calling there.So i agree with Jessa, its quite good for me. It has new features too. I think it is the best one for me.I have android but didn't installed whatsapp. Mark is great.He founded a good one. Hope everyone like facebook. But we need to use in a good way. So here i conclude that facebook is my best social network ever.
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Facebook used to be my all time favorite social media site but recently I'm shifting towards Twitter because it looks more mature than Facebook. Kids seems to be more on Facebook lately and they are making a lot of mess of the whole thing.
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I have Facebook, twitter and instagram accounts only. Among the three, I love Facebook so much because its fun especially if you have funny groups. The only problem with Facebook is that some people use it for wrong purposes like posting dirty images. On the other hand, there are those who make good use of Facebook through advertising their products.
I am also a great fan of Instagram only that it consumes much data and tends to push me away. I love watching the trendings on Instagram and celerity news. Finally, for twitter, I only use it for official purposes. Also, getting to how about politics worldwide among other stuff.
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One thing that I have come to notice is that facebook has got a whole lot of members that are always on it and making friends is as easier as anything from that type of social media. However, I think that Twitter and Instagram have taken over when you are looking at reading major trends on a daily basis. You also get to see that most younger generations are opening more Instagram and Twitter accounts unlike what we have when it was only Facebook that was the reigning social media sites.
I have a Twitter account as well as a Facebook account and even quite active on Whatsapp since it is another social media app that can enable you reach out to people just with the aid of their numbers which is amazing. But out of all of them, my pick would always be the Twitter as it is one that you get to see people quite active on.
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I love Facebook Messenger too because I can talk with my friends even without an Internet connection. I will just need to open my mobile data and that's it, I can able to talk with them. I am not active with Facebook because all I need to do is to browse on my timeline and I do not feel okay about that. I am not inspired to see the post of the friends I follow. They are just making an impression and not truly inspiring. My favorite right now is Instagram. There is not much to do, but it has a chat option too. You only post a picture and tell little things about it. Why I love to be there, is because the people I follow are real people. Like when I follow a specific celebrity, I can tell they are the real people posting because of the blue verification that is sticking on their profile. Also, you only browse pictures not more of a stories that is why I love it.
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My favorite is turning out to be Instagram.  heart  For a long time I thought that I needed a mobile device and I also thought I needed to be a photographer.  Which means that for a long time I was wrong!  I received an Invite from a Facebook friend to create an account.  That part was easy.  But since I didn't have a phone I didn't know how to use it.  There is a browser extension I found called Desktop for Instagram.  I added it to my Chrome browser and started uploading images.  I even use it for affiliate marketing.  Before Instagram, I liked Pinterest, Tumblr, and We Heart It.  They were great for social sharing; especially images.  I still like them and use them a lot.  But the question was which was my favorite.  I have to give it to Instagram.  Super easy to use and I gain followers every day!  That has never happened with my other social media accounts.  As for Facebook?  Facebook owns Instagram.  I'm still loyal. laugh

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My favorite social media is none other than Facebook. In our generation, Facebook is the leading social media because it offers a lot of things for us. In Facebook you can literally spend your time on it, in fact, you can spend almost all of your time on that website, it is because in Facebook there are lots of things you can do there are much entertainment embedded on that website. You can chat with your friends, and you can also be able to know someone you didn't know. You can meet different people and talk to them without any restrictions, and what's more is you can also play games with your friends anytime you want. You can enjoy your whole day just by visiting that website.
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My favorite social media after whatsapp is instagram. Instagram is my go to For the latest information. I find the social interaction very interesting. Even though it is mostly pictures shared, they tell a whole lot of stories. I can find a good number of facebook friends on instagram as well. It is fun and classy.

I like whatsapp because it is very easy and cost effective to communicate with people both far and near. I don't have to spend a fortune talking to people overseas. When I can't reach friends on other social media, whatsapp for me is Like a direct medium of contact. I also love to take advantage of the video feature. I've read that you can now have a whatsapp business account.
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My favorite social media account si Tumblr. Tumblr is both a social media and a microblogging site. If you're interested in photography, design, architecture, poems, animals, science and technology, and other random stuff, I think Tumblr has it for you.

Personally, I use Tumblr as more of a personal blog rather than the usual premise of social media. I post about both random and personal stuff. I post about the people who are dear to my heart and the people who I want to get along with. Hence, my Tumblr profile is full of confessions. I feel like if I don't write them somewhere they're just going to stay in my mind until they succeeded in taking over my sanity. I'm really glad that Tumblr offers this venue, and at the same time I get distracted with the posts I'm seeing, and more importantly, I gain a lot of ideas about literally anything.

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In the recent days, Instagram has taken a quick seat in my heart. Facebook took the world in its sway while Instagram remained a hidden gem. But the number of users on Instagram are growing everyday. One of the main reasons I like Instagram is that it offers intuitive ways like Feeds and stories to post my content. The filter settings on Instagram are really amazing. I can make my real dull looking photos into masterpieces with the different settings , Mayfair and Lark being my favourite ones.

The other main reason I took to Instagram quickly is, it is a lot safer than Facebook. Our pictures cannot be downloaded or copied. And it looks a lot cleaner and less cluttered than Facebook pages. Oh! Boomerang is the best add-on Insta has. To make all funny and crazy videos. I go with Instagram any day!
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The most preferred social media I use is WhatsApp messager. I am so much down with this type of social media as it helps me in not only connecting with my array of friends all across the globe but also provides me the opportunity to get my gig out there. It is just a perfect platform for businesses that are done in the group chat features of it.

WhatsApp group chat for me, however, is revolutionizing the a manner of how business minded people explore new frontier in the web space. I have come to realized that with just creating a group, you can spread the message behind your business in form of ad to vast number of people. Interestingly, the creation of these groups and the information distributed through them has absolutely nothing to do with cost effectiveness as they only require the use of one megabite.

You can decide to join any group of your choice at anytime and opt out at any time too. And you can as well get your ad on WhatsApp to Facebook via links, which can be clicked on and  it would redirect the clicker to the WhatsApp group page.
Honestly, WhatsApp does it for me any time and any day.

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