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I have different social media accounts and one of my favorite social media account is my Facebook messenger because I can communicate with my love ones through it.
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I have Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, Telegram, WhatsApp. Most of all I like Instagram. There you can find a lot of useful information. For my work I use different topics on Facebook.
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Facebook is the first social media accounts in my life. Day by day I'm engaged with facebook in few days. After 3 or 4 years I open Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, WhatsApp,,, Imo, Vaddo,, Quora etc. For me Quora is my favorite social media nowadays.

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Facebook is the one I use the most but I could live without it. I am much more into forum posting or sites like Answeree. Some of the rubbish that can be posted on social media sites can be very off putting but I like the fact I can contact my cousins in Australia easily even though they are usually sleeping when I am awake! It would be difficult for me to keep in touch if it weren't for Facebook.

I also have a Whatsapp account which I like to talk to my daughter as we are very fond of posting pictures of our pets to each other on a daily basis. I use Pinterest too as there are some great ideas for making home made items around the house. I suppose I like them all for different reasons so I guess I don't really have a favourite. They all play a part in making my life more interesting.
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My first social media account was Facebook but nowadays I can pass several days without visiting it. I also have an Instagram account that I appreciate more than my first one but the social media site that I really enjoy now is Pinterest. When I open the Pinterest I can spend there a couple of hours that look like minutes to me. It is a site where we can find everything, have new ideas and appreciate a lot of nice things like dresses, shoes, suitcases, complete outfits, healthy food, not so healthy food, decorations for all spaces in the house, birthday cakes, exercises, ... everything! Pinterest shows us a beautiful and wonderful world to hold us for hours. The best part we don't need to deal with thousands of selfies every day.

Even though I confess that I use Facebook messenger a lot, it is a simple and easy way to contact our friends and relatives as everybody has now a messenger account.
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The social media accounts that I have include Facebook, instagram, twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn and Pinterest. I have never understood how LinkedIn and Pinterest work even though I have accounts there. My best social media site is WhatsApp, I like it most because I use it for communication purposes. I have many chat groups there including one for my coursemates where I get alerts on when I have a class to attend.
My second best is Facebook. I sometimes use it for communication but not so often. I also use it to post my pictures so that they can be saved for future. I love Instagram too for posting pictures but most of the time, that is just for fun as the pictures posted there cannot be downloaded back to the phone. I used to like twitter but this days it is filled with a lot of politics and so I stopped using it.
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I think my favourite social media account is also my Facebook messenger account. Though in my own part, i don't usually view Facebook as only for messaging. Though it connect me easily with anybody in the world even with ease. But on a sincerely note, I see it as a medium to catch fun, pass and receive information and also lecture people on very important topics through groups.
I love Facebook because it is a social media that suggest people for you even when you don't know they exist on the media and it also helps one to reconnect with much distanced friendships.

I don't regret the time I spend on it only that I doubt if one can make money through it. Because I think with the capacity of users I expect Facebook should have gone beyond that.
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When it comes to social media accounts or sites, as we all have our individual differences and interests, it's what makes us have a preference for one particular social media sites and have a strong avarice for some other ones. Personally, there are some social media sites that I simply cannot bring myself to ever be comfortable with using for any reason whatsoever because they don't interest me at all in any way whatsoever.
But on the other hand, there are some social media sites that I can't simply do without on daily basis because it gives me everything which I need for my personal use and business purposes. Take for instance, the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as YouTube, they are part of my business, so I can't live without them.
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The social media account I love today is Facebook because of it's updated features. Mark Zukerberg is doing a great job with giving Facebook a facelit all the time and this continue to keep us spellbound despite the number of years it has been in existence.

Facebook is one platform that alot can be done with today, it really a platform of good money making because with over 2 billion people on the platform it sure a good place for both marketing and sales.
I like Facebook first for enabling me to connect and reconnect with friends.i think it's the only platform that this feature is really helping and the only platform that alot of people are willing to sign up and be active is Facebook so one is sure of connecting with a alot of lost friends and family.
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There are so many social site in this world. Everybody love one of them. Someone love facebook, someone twitter, Instragram etc. I've signin so many social site of them. But i Love Facebook, all of these social site.
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It really depends on your entertainment preferences and what kind of content you'd prefer to consume each day.
If you're someone looking for a community of people to hang out with virtually, apps like Tumblr are popular. You can customize your dashboard to display content you enjoy and decide what the niche of your "blog" is. Basically, it's a social media system entirely built in blogs. Users can interact with other blogs "reblogging posts" and conversing with others. It's also a good place to go to if you're interested in sharing your art, writing, or photography.
Instagram is also popular, but you can definitely feel a disconnect between users. Because there's such a large userbase, people don't interact with each other as much as the creators probably wish they did. It's mostly used for liking images.
Both of these are my personal favorites since they're great sharing platforms where you can connect with others. But if I had to pick an ABSOLUTE favorite, it'd be Tumblr.
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My favorite social media account is Vero , Facebook, Tweeter and LinkedIn. In vero app you can promote content and increase your audience and network. you should pin your best content on top of your profile by which you can get more visitors.

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All Social Media Accounts have their own importance and worth. Social Media Accounts put a tremendous impact to engage people. I am personally like Facebook Social Media account because Facebook gives you the fastest way to do your business marketing and increase the circle of your targeted audience

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