What are the pros and cons of being a lawyer?
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BEING a lawyer is one of the most reputable careers one can ever achieve, however  there are on must cultivates the following principles

1. confidentiality

2. integrity

3. objectivity

4. professional behavior 

5. professional competence and due care. 
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Being a good lawyer never lies in the court and to innocent people. Unfortunately, not all of them are like this. They tend to twist the real truth and fabricate stories just to win the cases under their watch.
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It's among the .ost envied careers worldwide.  I find it's downside being the ability of a lawyer to twist and change a case only to emerge victorious and justice being denied.
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Being a lawyer  can be sometimes  challenginging.Many people who pose as your clients will want you to side with them regardless of their cases.Even when they have done against the law,they still look upon you to laed them to freedom.
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