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Yes. I don't think there is any who doesn't like the city he/she resides. In spite the hustle and bustle that the city i stay is known for, i still kind of like it for no just reason.
I do not like the city where I'm staying for several reasons:

1. It is too crowded. Just imagine how this 1.78 million people fit in a land having only an area of approximately 43 square kilometers.

2. Since it is too crowded, it is also very polluted.

3. Traffic is worse that you could expect.

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Oooohh yes I love my city so much in fact its the capital city of Kenya, Nairobi. I have been raised up Nairobi so I'll definitely have to love it. The first thing I like my city about is, its always clean. Several people have been employed to keep it clean throughout. Also, there are a lot of earning opportunities only that they require one to have some little qualification. Finally, there are a lot of facilities than they're in other cities. Most of the big universities, hospitals, museums onh others are mostly located in Nairobi.

The only problem is that there's always traffic congestion in the city this slows down movement of people and vehicles. Scrubbing for services is also a problem in the city.
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I don't actually live in a city, but rather on an island. The island I live on is split up into communities. I live in Paea which is not a small community or even a large one. It is beautiful here and not so far from town. It really doesn't matter where you live on the island it is rather beautiful. I think there is one community I wouldn't want to live in and that is Faa'a. This community is rather large and it is also near our airport. The community there isn't well taken care of and it is very run down and dirty.
Each community here on the island has their own Mayor. He is the one responsible for keeping the community clean and safe. They are the ones who fix the roads, clean the sides of our streets, pick up trash, and help keep the beaches clean. Our Mayor is a good person and he tries hard with the funds he has to keep our part of the island clean and the roads paved after heavy storms. They will repave our roads once every few years so that we don't have big pot holes in the roads to drive through. I do love this community I live in and it is beautiful.
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No I don't like my city.  I love my city!  heartAlthough technically I'm a transplant.  Some folks call me a "Texas import".  No matter.  The people who relocate here have an expression that goes:  "I wasn't born in Texas.  But I got here as fast as I could." smiley  My original city, i.e. where I was born, was Miami, Florida.  For a long time I loved that city because I didn't know any different.  I had never been anywhere else.  But that changed when I got a job working for the federal government and was required to travel on official government business.  Because of my job as a civil servant, I relocated my entire family to Texas.  The first city we lived in was Houston and the second city was El Paso.  But I really wanted to move to the state's capital, Austin, Texas.  It took 10 long years but we finally got here!  I LOVE THIS CITY! heart  It's a great place for raising your kids, for work, for worship, for retirement, and more!  Now that I'm here, I have no plans to move anywhere else.  I'll be buried here.  That's my final answer!  LOL.

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To be honest, I don't like my city. My city is always traffic. Even if you want to go near places, you will reach it while in the vehicle for an hour, but if you walk you can be there at 15 minutes, but it is not safe. Also, there are lots of malls, and less trees. The pollution is overwhelming, you really can get illness. Your lungs are in danger. The municipality market our city as city of happiness. We have lots of malls and amusement parks. Aside from that, I don't remember. I am not proud but I should be. This is the reason that instead of posting anything about my city, I am kinda tired already. I do not stroll around. I rather stay at home. If my city is not polluted I will be very happy even it has heavy traffic almost everyday. Now, I am thinking that the public officials are selfish and are only into business. The safety of the people are their less priority. There are lots of series of crime and you will really feel in danger when you are walking in the road late at night. It is never safe and I wish it was. 
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I like my city because life here is relatively cheaper than other communities. The food is in abundance and variety. Services are cheap as well. The only problem is that the roads aren't so good and it lacks social amenities. 
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I live in a small market town in the UK and I like it because it has a relatively low crime rate compared to places like London. We get our share of petty criminals but nothing major so I feel safe.

I didn't grow up in the place I live now but I have been here for almost 40 years so it is the place I call home and I can't imagine living anywhere else.
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Yes. I love my city. I am residing in Coimbatore City in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The colorful Arulmigu Pateeswarar Temple lies here. The Temperature of the coimbatore is pleasant throughout the year. The top attractions to visit in coimbatore are Adiyogi Shiva, Dhyanalinga Temple, Vellingiri Mountains, Marudhamalai Hill Temples. 
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