I was surfing on the internet on my mobile and encountered a very useful information that relates to a project I am working on. How do I get that text transferred immediately to my PC as all my details of projects are saved there?
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I am using TexFer(Android App) to transfer Text and URLs from my phone to pc within a fraction of seconds!

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It really isn't as difficult as it seems to share files between your Android device and your PC. You can use ES File Explorer App and share your files using WiFi. Here is how you'd accomplish this task. 

  1. You'll need to create a file on your PC named Android PC Share.
  2. When you've downloaded and installed ES File Explorer on your Android device, you'll need to open this up. 
  3. Go to the Globe icon in the upper left-hand corner and tape on Network - LAN.
  4. Make sure the Android and Windows PC are connected to the same network. Now go the search area and look for the LAN device that is connected on the network. This should be your PC.
  5. Tape on the Icon on your PC and enter your username and password.
  6. Once the shared folder appears on the Android device you can now start sharing your files back and forth with no issues. You just need to set this up and make sure it is configured first. 
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