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We all have goals, we have money goals, family goals or love goals. In your specific goals, how does your goal started? Are you really inspire to make it happen. What do you do to make it happen? Please include even your plans. If you want to be specific, that would be good.
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Sincerely, I focus mainly on my short-term goals. This is because I don't really much control about what tomorrow's long-term goal would turn out to be. I have learnt from experiences that when it comes to my goals, it has always been 'man propose, God dispose'.
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and to be honest as well, we really cannot foresee what will happen because everyday, we are doing decision differently and we also change our decision depending on what challenge has been given to us.
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My goals for my family is to be financially stable, but it seems it is hard this time, and I'm still working and hoping for it.
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I create my own timeline. I list all my goals and classify it if its short term or long term. Then, I assign estimated budget for it.
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Goals start in your mind, if you want to achieve something, you have to think about it then visualize it, that's how goals come about. If you want to achieve them you have to focus on what you want to achieve, work on it by asking questions, researching saving and so on and you will make it.

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Everyone has some type of goal in life whether it is for your budget, school, or even life. When I was younger and in school and working I sat down and made a goal for myself. I wanted to see myself at a certain point in life when I reached a certain age. Here is how I started and I succeeded in making this happen.

First: I drew out a timeline. I did it by year to make it easier and then broke it down to month. I added my schooling, my current job position and my current pay rate to the chart. 

Second I did a second timeline that I added my predictions in it if I was to get X number of dollars in pay raises, take so many extra classes to finish school quicker and how much money I'd need to save to reach a goal in 5, 10, and 15 years.

With the two timelines, I now sat down and drafted my plan that I would need to follow. I added in how many classes I needed, how much each month must be put away, and where I thought I would be with my job and what I needed to do to achieve this.

My job raises and promotions were based on my classes. I worked for the government and they had me in school to learn the latest technology so that I could teach others in my crew. That is why I needed to include my schooling in my timeline because my job and what I made was based around this. 

I found it easier to write two timelines and then make my goals. The timelines really helped me to focus and see what I wanted to do and where I wanted to be. 
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Wow with these type of answer to question, you are so very very deserved to be one of the trusted person in the site. The site for sure is so happy to have you here. I learned something new about goal planning from your post, you made prediction, I think I start to have it too.
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Predictions are important to make if you want to make a plan or a goal for your life. If you can predict where you want to be in a certain number of months or years it makes it easier to sit down and plan how you'll arrive there. 
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A very loyal person like you is everyone's need and need to be protected. Maybe one day you will be one of the head of these site.
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Lately, am focusing on my monthly earning goal. When I started my online journey, I had a target of making $10 per month. By then, I was only working in two sites, picoworkers and bmf. Later on things started being really hard in picoworkers and I had to quit the site, that left me with only bmf. The first month I was able to make $4 but never gave up.  The place I am right now, at least am making something realistic from online.

Before setting up your earning goals, you need to be realistic in terms of time. For instance you can be having good earning opportunities but without time, then its useless. The second factor to consider is the sites you're working on and how much you can make daily from each site. Finally, you need to be focused. If its working then let it be working, don't forget and start watching videos on YouTube.
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I agree on being realistic, that is why as everyday, i am adjusting my goals because there different treatments I get from my different sites and it really hurts me when I do not get my target.

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