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Everyone has been through tough times in their lives. Not giving up is one of the reason why we are thankful with ourselves and be proud too. What specific scenario you had done that makes you feel proud of yourself? Please share an inspiring story.
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What I'm proud of to myself is my perseverance and the never say die practice. I also have full hope in life. Being positive is also what I'm proud of to myself.
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I am glad that you are. Your attitude will surely bring you to success to whatever goal you are planning to do. I just wish I have that kind of attitude, or I could be consistent with being positive. 
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Thank you sister, You can do it! I believe in everyone and that goes the same for you. At first, it is really hard being always a positive but eventually you will learn it, also just keep on smiling. :)

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What i am very proud of about myself is the resilient spirit i have. No matter how gloomy any situation is i have that strong will to pull through it. This never quitting attitude has helped me to stand against the storms of life especially when things are not going as expected. 
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I am resilient too because you know there is no other way but to be flexible in the changes that is happening in our lives. I want that kind of attitude so I developed and it makes me proud of myself too because it had helped me a lot.
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I have a university degree, I have a good paying job, I have a loving husband and a lovely child. I am an honest person, I am a diligent worker, I do not have any addiction, I do not knowingly commit wrongs. I am proud of my assets.
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Thanks for that @Chameli I am glad to know a person like you too and sharing those things about you is quite good too.

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I've been having episodes of depression for years, and I couldn't be more proud of myself whenever I get to beat the hell out of it.

Whenever I'm depressed, I tend to disconnect to people including family and friends. I don't want them to feel burdened much as I don't want to feel like a liability. It is not knowing what causes this extreme sadness that makes things worse. In fact, I consider myself lucky every time smoking a stick or two is enough to help me calm my mind, as there are times when I just want to end it all.

To tell you the truth, during these times I am most thankful for having the energy to change bedsheets or even take a bath.

So, yes, I am still here, and I am proud of myself for not giving up or giving in to depression.
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I am so sorry you are feeling that way. I am too had a series of depression but I thing nothing as severe as those that are trying to commit suicide, though I am thinking of just killing myself but never tried to harm myself.
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Thank you very much for your concern. I think we all have been into situations where we just want to give up. But we, too, should realize that the power to change these situations is all in our hands.
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I just read this today, It so sad that you are having a depression, it is really hard to fight depression. What I can say is don't think that you are alone maybe you are not noticing it, but there are people who can understand you and love you.
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I have to agree and we also have institution, the private ones that will treat you with confidential but as she said, she realized everyone has this kind of phase and we all need to survive this one and help ourselves. 
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I think if anyone of us having difficulties in life, he or she can write it here and let's help each other and comfort each other. This website is kinda going to be alive. let's make it happen. 
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I agree again. I just hope someone will start a question about it, but I am not sure if this will going to be successful because it might get close once the right amount of replies have gathered.
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oh I see, let's hope for the best because as of now we are limited to answer five questions, I thought this will be alive but it just put a rule like that. well, I hope admin will see through this.

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I think I feel the proudest of myself when I am helping out another person in need. Here is one of the stories about how I helped an 84-year-old woman when she was in trouble. 

About 6 months ago I was returning home when I stopped to let an elderly woman walk across the street. When she reached the other side of the road she seemed to be fine. Then all of a sudden she ended up falling down and just sitting on the curb. I could see she was hurt and needed some sort of assistance. 

I immediately pulled over and went to go and help her. She was bloody and had some scrapes and cuts on her. It looked like her glasses got bent when she fell. I helped her to clean up a bit with the water and paper towels I had in my car. I put her in the car and took her home. Her daughter was there waiting for her to get home. I told her daughter what happened and she was so grateful that I helped her mom. They offered me money for what I did, but I refused to take their money. It was enough to see the elderly woman made it home safe and her daughter was so happy that I had driven her home and not left her on the street bleeding and hurt. I felt very proud this day that I could help this poor woman out and make sure she returned home safely. 
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Oh I will be very proud of you and yes, I am proud of you! I will do the same when that happens to me too. This is such an inspiring story.
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My scenario was back when I was in fourth form in high school. Usually in my country, fourth form is always crucial to all the candidates because that's the year we usually do National exams and the results you get will determine how your future will be like. So during that period in our school, we used to be shuffled so that number last sits with number one, number two with second last and the trend continues.

So luckily or unluckily I was number one the previous term and had to sit with number last. That lady since we joined high school, she was always the last and everyone seemed to look down upon her. I personally found the lady just normal like the rest of us only that she wasn't putting much focus on her books. Then something with that lady that made her weird was that she was ever shy, wasn't talking to anyone and most of the times she would hid herself inside the locker and mark you, we were sitting in front of the class in the middle row.

So most of the times, she could borrow my book telling me that she wanted to see how had done the assignment but ended up copying everything. When I first realised that, I stopped helping her with my books. But then I opted to start tutoring her although she was slow learning. The good thing is that, she was always willing to learn and whenever she didn't understand, she could always ask. We did this for more than eight months whenever we were free and in the evening when everyone had gone home.

By the time we were doing our final exam, she was at least a better place. She was finally able to to get a grade that took her to college. Am happy she's also on her final year doing hotel management. Am so happy it was through me that she was able to get a mean grade of C. At least i made an impact in someone's life.
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You are such an inspiration! Thanks for sharing that. Now I know there are still people willing to sacrifice for the benefit of others.
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I am proud of the fact I am bringing up my granddaughter alone. It hasn't been easy but  if I hadn't taken her on she would have gone to a children's home to be fostered or adopted outside the family. It means I have had to put my retirement plans on hold but we have built a nice little life for ourselves and I don't regret my decision to look after her as I can see her growing into a lovely young lady.

Many of my friends say they could not and would not have taken on a child again at the age of 60 and I must admit I did have reservations at the beginning but some things are meant to be and I have been given very good health to be able to cope with what life has dealt me. Hopefully I will be rewarded when I see her grow into a happy and well balanced adult.
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You hold your retirement plans, that was a big sacrifice! You think about your grand daughte's welfare is a novel thing to do. I am proud of you.
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I have always being proud of myself because I thanked myself always for always doing and standing only for what is right at all times.

Some years back I was much younger and needed a job badly, I saw an advert for a sales executive on our local newspaper which I applied for,got through the interview session and got a mail about 2 weeks later to come for my appointment letter.Got to the office at exactly 12 noon as stated in the mail, only to be told my GM just step out.He later called I should met him at a guest house stating he was there with some clients to sort out things so I could come over to get the letter.Well,what do I have to lose nothing ,went over and I was led to the room he was and instead of getting the letter I was given talks about wanting us to be lovers.I'm I gay No I had to let go of the juicy offer even though I needed the job badly. I was proud and still of myself for not falling for that because of money or the juicy offers.
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Are you really a guy? But anyway, it will not make a lesser of you and not falling into trap of that will surely makes everyone who know you proud of you. Thanks for sharing this one.
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I finished high school at the age of sixteen and I was to go to college immediately. At that time, my father got terribly ill and he needed to be taken care of. My mother couldn't do it alone because she had my sick sister to look after. We had fewer options so I had to put my life on hold. I waited two years before going to college at eighteen. Looking back now, I'm proud of the decision I made.

Also during college, I had to share my accommodation with just an acquaintance during my first year because she had no where else to go and no money to pay for her own place. I didn't mind the inconvenience because I  felt like I was giving to humanity.
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This makes me thing there is always a reason for everything. If you haven't  experience that, you will not be a person you are today. I am proud of you and thanks for sharing this story of you.

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