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It could be solved and the best way to get it solved is to help yourself. First, you need to accept that it is happening to you. You are not the only one experiencing emotional problems. There are lots the even leads to depression. It is quite hard to move on from it, but you can only do it if you ask help from the people who have skills to solve it, like go to a Psychiatrist or Psychologist. They will assess you and what had happen to you. Some are even have medication to calm themselves. This will be very hard but this is the best way. If you are emotional, it means you are weak. You will either solve or let go about it, but the best way is to accept it is happening to you. Third, help yourself. No one could ever help you if you will not be the first one to help yourself. Why you need to help yourself? It is because we only have one life to live and life is always not perfect but still we could be happy if we decide to be happy. Every problem will end, there is always a solution. If you really love your life, you will surrender everything to God, ask people for help and live a life not waste it.
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Its just a matter of knowing who you are and believing in yourself no matter the situation at hand. All you have to do is be strong always because the moment you start looking down upon yourself it means you're weak. Despite of all that happened assume that it never happened, all you have do is just forcus and don't keep on blaming yourself.

Also, if it becomes hard, then you can talk to a counsellor. They know how to handle the situation once you open up to them. But first, all you have to do is have high self esteem on yourself. Without self esteem then things will be kind of hard for you. I have seen lots of people going through emotional abuse but they recovered and came out of the situation very strong.
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There are many different forms of emotional abuse and it will greatly depend on which one is yours. There are parents who are abusive to their children and they have no idea they are being abused emotionally until it is almost too late to help them out. Then we have cases of people of authority emotional abusing a co-worker or even a student. These people are trapped and don't really understand this abuse and why it is happening to them. We also have cases of a loved one emotional abusing a person. This could be a husband or even a wife. This one is very hard because the person loves the other person and it makes it very hard for this person to escape the abuse they are inflicting on them.

Here are a few things that a person must do to try and break this cycle and get out of the situation or seek professional help to help them cope with these issues. 

  1. Finally, admit to yourself that you are being abused emotionally and that it is affecting your personal life.
  2. Get the courage or strength necessary to leave this situation and get out of there for good. 
  3. Seek professional help and find a good doctor or friend that will help you through this hard time.
  4. You will need to realize that the person who did this to you was sick and needed help. This wasn't your fault and you aren't to be blamed for what happened.
  5. Over time and it will take a lot of time to go past what happened to you. You will need plenty of time to heal and start to feel good about yourself again. This won't be easy and you have a long road to recovery ahead of you. Take it slow and surround yourself with positive people in your life to help reinforce the positive person you are and that will help you through these tough times. 
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Emotional abuse can be very daunting and makes one feel incapable and useless because someone is messing with one's emotion.I think the first thing to do,is to feel good about ones self.Don't allow anyone talks you down or make you feel worthless. This is to avoid any form of break down whatever.

Leave such an environment if need be to avoid harming yourself.Don't be pushed to the wall to do the unthinkable. I think this is a big way out.

Talk to someone if need be,consult a psychologyist or an expert that can actually help to keep you sane and try to work with the advice given.

Remember to talk to the abuser to stop the abuse ,if he or she doesn't please find your way out.
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No one should have to cope with emotional abuse and if a person find himself in a position where he is being abused he/she should seek help, tell someone. In the case of a child it's not always possible because they are so young and don't know how to deal with it but an adult has choices.  Sometimes adults find themselves in a position where they are being abused by their partner but feel trapped because they have nowhere else to go or to turn to for help but there are places which can help and the people concerned just have to muster up the courage to leave.

Sometimes they can turn to relatives for help or perhaps find a shelter which specialises in physical and emotional abuse. No one should have to tolerate a life of fear and misery at the hands of another person. We are all worth more than that
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From my own perspective, I think emotional abuse is all about manipulation, controlling a person in the same way as physical abuse is used to insert control in a person's life. The only difference between emotional and physical abuse is that the earlier doesn't involve being physical. This means that when a person takes advantage of another person's feelings towards them by manipulating or controlling the said person's behavior, it literally refers to emotional abuse. This type of abuse is mostly common in a relationship where one spouse is always subjecting the other spouse into behaving or acting the way they want because of certain feelings they have towards them. I think emotional abuse can in a way also be referred to emotional blackmail.
Drawing from the above, i think the only way to control such situation is by putting an end to such relationship. But then, most people who find theirselves in such relationships do not actually know they are being subjected to emotional abuse. This is why they say love is blind. And the ones who realize they are being emotionally abused, find it hard to control the situation given the amount of feelings they have towards the abuser. They always believe doing what the other person wants is the only way to make them love them.

As I said above, the best possible way to stop emotional abuse in a relationship is by ending the relationship. This is because most people who subject themselves to emotional abuse do so most often willingly. And it's because they have a tremendous amount of love towards the abuser which often clouds their judgment and give room for sentiments. Such people in my opinion can not control the situation because they have become to attached to the abuser. The best way is to end the relationship which is still going to be a very tough decision on the side of the victim.
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Emotional abuse is one of the most torturous thing someone would do to another. People have committed suicide, others have fallen into depression because of being abused emotionally. It is better for someone to do something to you physically,  than abuse you emotionally. Physical damages can be repaired, but emotions stick with you for a very long time. This is because it is within not physical. You know when someone abuses you, you take it in and if it is hurtful, it will always eat you up whenever you remember it. The best way to deal with emotional abuse is talking it out with the person who abused you. Talk it out and face that person, speak from your heart and acknowledge to them that they hurt you, find out why they did it and that way you will be able to move on. The reason why you do that is to get closure that is the best thing you could do for yourself.
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How to deal with emotional abuse is a very common problem and many men and women face in relationships. Whether it's a marriage, a friendship or even a work relationship, learning how to cope with emotional abuse can become a reality.

Use these techniques when coping with emotional abuse.

A. Understand the abuser.

B. Stand up to the abuser.

C. Find positive ways to interact with the abuser.

D. Change the subject or use humor to distract from the situation and lastly never support acts of emotional abuse of others.

Practice being more assertive in other situations, so you can be more assertive when being emotionally abused.
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Be strong. You should accept the fact and have the courage to face it. Your mindset and attitude helps you to manage emotional abuse.
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I have been through with emotional and verbal abuse, it wasn't easy for me. I thought the world is upside down for  me and no one can save me. It was killing me slowly, until I reach out to someone and told them everything I have been through. Though they offer for help to reduce me, I was hesitate because I know he didn't hurt me physically and he can't do it either. What I want to stop is the verbal and emotional state abuse that he is not aware of doing it to me. When I look back that time, it was really dark hours for me and my family, especially I just give birth with my second. Asking for help is not easy, but if you do you can do it. You cannot do it all alone, You have to reach out somebody to help you. Ask the people who you can trust with and can help you. Don't struggle with it alone, you need someone with you to support you.
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The best way is to consult a psychiatrist. We cannot afford to let the person fall into severe depression and be suicidal in the long run. There are also some facilities that can help her. If they are available in your country, then it is the best way to register himself or herself here.
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Emotional abuse becomes so pronounced when you are left alone, so it is best to share your experience or focus the mind on things that are uplifting like talking to a friend, but different things work for different people some people withdraw themselves from the public for a while. But try a shut the door from where the abuse is coming to avoid further damage.
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Some of the best way to cope with emotional family abuses are--

* Try to do that things which your family members want.

* Try to spend time with them as more as possible.

* Try to bring gifts for them on festivals, birthday parties,etc.
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Be aware of the signs of emotional abuse. Emotional abuse functions to make you feel small and strip you of your independence and self-worth. Your partner may make you feel isolated, use intimidation or controlling behavior. While your partner may not use physical force, he or she may threaten violence.

Your partner may limit your freedom (not allow you to spend time with some people or insist on knowing your whereabouts), reject you (pretend you don’t exist, blame you for things that are not your fault) or belittle you by calling you names, insulting your family or career.

Emotionally abusive behavior patterns that are controlling can spill over into finances. Emotional abuse can include a partner monitoring your finances, making you account for every penny, withholding money from you, or restricting your spending.

Emotional abuse can also include monitoring your time, insisting on checking your phone and emails, and limiting your contact with family.
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Accept it that it had happened to you. Focus on your present and future dream. It can be hard but you can try to forgive the abuser, or you can meet them, tell what you feel and what things affected your life after the abusive event. They would apologize for the things they had done to you.
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Identify the source of the abuse. Discuss this with someone at least to relieve the burden a bit. Talk to someone or a social worker who can really help; meanwhile avoid the abuser as much as you can. 
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