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I love inspiring movies. I even get inspired watching comedy romantic and one of my favorite is My Sister's Keeper. Can you suggest an inspiring movie or series to download or watch online? I really want to inspire myself right now because I am too tired at work. Please tell me why you love this movie/series but not the whole story. Thank  you!
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have you seen 3 idiots movie . It is an indian coming of age comedy drama film.
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I'm an American and I love old movies.  To think back on all the movies and TV shows I've watched it's hard to narrow it down.  Also since the movies are old it's possible you're already seen them.  But here are some suggestions.  I like them because they show people facing challenges and difficulties in life and overcoming them.

  • "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner"
  • "The Imitation of Life"
  • "To Kill a Mockingbird"
  • "Oliver" (the musical)
  • "Gladiator" (which starred Russell Crowe)
  • Many of the old Shirley Temple movies but especially "Heidi' and "The Little Princess"

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Maybe you can watch miracles from God. Despite of it being spiritual, its very inspiring. It's about a young girl, who all over sudden develops a certain incurable sickness. The girl doesn't give up but with faith she believe she'll be okay soon. There's a day that she falls from a tree and the tree breaks and the trunk opens swallowing up the girl. A lot of things happen to help resue the girl and when she gets of of their she's healed.

Has someone has suggested also, you can watch the three idiots although its Indian but has got English subtitles. It's really enjoyable and you wont get bored repeating it over and over again. Finally, there's three strooges. This also is fun and you can find yourself watching it more than once. These two are comedy but the first suggestion a the top there is inspiration.
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Both of the film you suggested are the films that is widely suggested, now it is my turn to watch it. Thanks for the heads up!
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I watch Bengali series, so if you understand Bengali you can watch 'Rani Rashmoni' which is related to Indian History and social evils during the British Rule. The story goes back to the time of Rani Rashmoni childhood who build the 'Dakshineswar Temple'. It was the time of Raja Ram Mohan Roy and Rani Rashmoni and her husband supported the 'Sati Movement' and also the movement of child education.

She was a lady who was married into a family who worshipped 'Raghyvir' but proved that God is one, by believing in Kali. She proved that God is one in whichever form you worship him. She visited Kalighat and prayed which did bring results.

She was opposed by the elders of her family but when miracles happened they believed in her thoughts. Her husband too did not believe in God but it was she who through her devotion and faith convinced him. It was also the time of Lord Ram Krishna

She fought against the Britisher's injustice on farmers and the Indian Landlords. You can keep watching for the further story.  


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So sad I do not understand Bengali. I just hope it has an English Subtitle.  Why do you love this series?
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I love this series as the series shows the social evils during the time of Raja Ram Mohan Roy like 'Sati'. It was also the time when girls were not educated. It was Rani Rashmoni and her husband who supported this cause and fought against these evils.


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Wow that is interesting. I imagine the biggest challenges they have to face just to fought those evils, just like we do normally everyday I guess, with the different kinds of evil.
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If you are a fan of Nollywood then you should see Conspiracy, it really an inspiring movie that will keep you at the edge of your seat til you're done.

This movie has brilliant actors and an epic movie though that shows a love tangle web amongst three outstanding peoole,the prince,a rich man and a princess. It inspirational because the main actor( the prine) was brave in the face of hopelessness and it shows us how sometimes we need to fight for what we truly need and treasured with all our might.

It is a 2 part movie and you might not really understand the movie if you leave out the part two so if you are interested to download then get both parts.Enjoy.
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I had seen this film several years back and decided to watch it again. it is called True Story. It is a film about a journalist who worked for the New York Times. He was on assignment to do a story about how people were mistreated. He had to interview 5 different men in his story. In the end, when he wrote the story he put all their lives in one person's life. He was caught for what he had done. He was fired from his job and nobody wanted to hire him again.

In the end, a man who murdered his family had taken on his name. This person used him and tried to twist the truth from what he had learned and this guy taught him. This was an excellent story because the guy wrote a book about this man. It should you how life was, what to expect, and how a person can use you in the end. This was a real life lesson and a hard one to learn. I found it inspiring and worth watching. Not sure if you'd like films like this. I did enjoy this story.
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There are three movies that came to my mind upon reading your question. Here they are:

1. Pay it for forward - as the title of the movie suggests, it is all about having to show kindness to people that in turn, creates a ripple effect. You do good to one, the other does the same to another. The movie highlighted that even one simple act of kindness can change a person's life.

2. Meet the Robinsons - this is an animated movie about an orphan, who has always dreamed of inventing things but he never succeeded. Thus, the moral of the story that one should not give up when faced with failure, instead use it to your advantage and make it the foundation of who you will be in the future. As they always say in the movie, "Keep moving forward."

3. The Pursuit of Happiness - this is a very dramatic movie. It made me cry real tears! It is all about having to realize that not having much does not have to stop you from pursuing your goals, especially if you have loved ones that depend on you. Make this not a hindrance but an inspiration to never stop trying.

I do hope you will have the time to watch these movies, as these really changed the way I view life.
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You should read "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho. I know you said you were looking for a movie to watch but The Alchemist is a very inspiring book. It is also not a hard read as it is only a few pages long. I just read it recently and it made me realize a lot of things. From realizing one's dreams or purpose to recognizing what love should be or really is to not giving up on something you really want. One of the sentences in that book that i really love is the one that says "Every search begins with a beginner's luck. And every search ends with the victor's being severely tested." It's a really good read. I'm sure it will inspire you in many ways.
But if you still prefer to watch an inspiring movie, here are a few that i like:

1. The Pursuit of Happyness

2. Forrest Gump

3. Dead Poet's Society

4. Eat Pray Love

5. Before Midnight

6. Before Sunset

7. Before Sunrise
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My all time favourite movie which I can watch over and over is the Shawshank Redemption which tells of a high flying banker thrown in prison when he is wrongly accused of murdering his wife and lover. He gets two consecutive life sentences and it tells of the trials he faces while he is there and how he uses his ingenuity to his advantage to help both prisoners and staff and eventually to break out of the prison to make a new life for himself. He also exposes the corrupt governor and brings the prison down.

The film is based on a Stephen King novel and is set in the 1940s. It's a very compelling movie but you need to pay attention or you can lose the plot.

If you are tired then maybe a chick flick would be more your thing. I like:

Miss Congeniality

Legally Blonde

The Holiday


All great movies with a touch of humour and romance.

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